Domestic Day

I was up at 5:00 quietly reading until the sun came up and PJ began to stir. Today was a domestic day here at Los Arroyos. I cleaned out the refrigerator in Lexi and ran the generator for a while to keep it from gumming up. Afterwards, I serviced the batteries and put things away. Dan came by and we chatted for a while and I gave him a tour of the RV. 

PJ washed the smelly dogs then we went over to the laundry area and put in our clothes. The gym is just upstairs so we went up and worked out while the clothes were washing. Went back to the pad and folded everything up then kicked back and read an autobiography by Sidney Poitier. Took a long nap in the afternoon until the goats woke us up bleating outside the window. I tried to get a few photos through the fence.

A short while later something in a trash fire over near the goat zone exploded and sent the dogs running for their beds. The smoke was wafting over, so we took the dogs and went for a long walk around the compound. We hung out in hammocks then put the dogs away and PJ jumped in the pool. Beautiful evening to hang around the deck area. 

After the sun set, we returned home and lounged around. Showered, did yoga and read and wrote. Dogs are settling in and eating better than they have for a while. Maybe they just like being clean🙃

2 thoughts on “Domestic Day

    1. Putting up Xmas decorations is fun! We have a mini tree and some chili pepper lights. Getting into the spirit 🎅🏽


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