Employee Posada

Easy going day home on the ranch. Took our time getting the day started then worked out over at the gym. The staff at Los Arroyos were busy preparing for their company Christmas party this afternoon. The posada is going to be held in the event center behind our casita. We could hear the DJ setting up and getting the sound system dialed in. It’s going to be a loud night. We could see the excitement in the workers as the day went along.

Lunch in the Bamboo Cave

In the afternoon, PJ and I took another walk in the colonia behind the compound. We shopped at the little market and picked up a few groceries we were missing. Every time we walk, we try to find an area we haven’t seen before and have a look around. We did a little reorganizing of things in the RV and I tried to fix the door latch that hasn’t been wanting to lock.

We cooked up a nice meal as the party got under way. It’s after 11:00pm and the die hards are still belting out the karaoke punctuated with loud ay yi yis and loud polka bass beats. We’re cranking the season finale to the voice and hoping things quiet down soon. At least they left the fireworks at home💥

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