The alarm went off early and we got up and prepared for PJ’s departure. I walked the dogs while she double checked that she had everything she needed for her trip to Rhode Island to spend Christmas with the family. Exchanged little anniversary gifts as today marks two years of married bliss for the two of us. When we walked over to the office, Joaquin was ready and waiting with the shuttle and our commute into Puerto Vallarta was smooth. 

Dropped PJ at the departure gates and said our farewells. Wow, after six months of not being apart for more than a few hours, it feels really odd to be separating for so long. She went inside then Joaquin drove us back leaving me at the Chedraui grocery store as we entered Bucerias. I wandered around the store picking up some groceries for the week. PJ called to let me know that she was all checked in and waiting at her gate. I grabbed a couple of tacos at the cafe section of the store. Pamela called again, she hadn’t cancelled her tourist card. Immigration sent a guy up to her gate and they took care of it for her as she was boarding. Finished my shopping and caught a cab back to the house.

The dogs and I hung around for a while being sad, then we rallied in the afternoon and went for a walk down the path to the Coto villas to the east. Cali got to chase her egret again and they both got good and tired.

Upon our return, I went into the office, paid Paty for the airport shuttle and grabbed a towel for the pool. It was almost 6:00 and there were only a few people around the pool. I swam several laps then sat around on a lounge chair drying off. 

Took a bunch of pictures then went to the casita and cooked up some pork fajitas to go with my leftovers from yesterday. Munched on them while watching one of the few English speaking channels on our cable. CSI seems to be the only show they have to offer in English. Practiced some guitar and waited to hear from PJ. Nothing yet. Took the dogs out for a late night bathroom break then did some writing. Pretty quiet around here without Pea.😕

6 thoughts on “Solo

  1. I miss you my Handsome Partner in Life. I agree feels extremely odd not to be at each others side. So grateful for these feelings validating how much I love you. You are a magnificent Soul in so many, many ways. Super Joyful that you are my Mate!!! OOOXXX love the post and pictures. This Blog never meant as much as it does now. talk soon My Love. Off to the Apple Store. Your Pea Jay


  2. Happy Anniversary the favored and favorite ones how u do compliment one another HA love u and ur adventure thanks for sharing.


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