Chicken Soup for my Soul

The dogs were good and ready for their walk this morning. We took the dirt frontage road to the west. The dog on the corner with the horse and chickens is always waiting for us. He loves to run back and forth barking on the inside of the fence. Today he came charging up and the gate was open. He was half way out before he realized he was coming face to face with our dogs then he spun around to get back inside and then resumed running back and forth on his side of the fence looking ferocious and fierce.

Surly girls in the background

Joaquin was ready with the one o’clock shuttle and dropped me off at Chedraui to do some shopping. My first stop was the food counter where I ordered up a couple of tacos for lunch. The girls were a little surly and obviously weren’t enjoying their work. The tacos were good though and at 50 cents each, they made for a bargain meal.

3 scrumptious tacos and a drink for less than $2.00 can’t beat it

I picked up a few needed items and then bought all the ingredients to make a pot of my world famous chicken soup. A taxi was waiting in the parking lot to take me back home. After stowing all my groceries, I took the dogs for another spin around the immediate parkland. Cali wanted to go back inside so it was a short outing.

Fountain was on in the dog run

The motorhome is parked in a mostly shady spot, so the solar panels aren’t producing enough wattage to keep the batteries topped up. I plugged them in a couple of days ago, so I disconnected them and put the cable away and then ran the generator for a while just to keep it in working order. I also started up the engine and let it idle for a few minutes. Topped up the water in the batteries and gave everything a quick look over.

Keeping the ship in shape

Looking good

At around 5:30, I headed over to the pool to get in a few laps. Up until now the pool has always been deserted or nearly deserted at this hour, but today the pool area had a pretty good sized crowd. I guess the high season is upon us. Rodrigo, Lupe’s son, was getting some dinner at the pool and we talked for a few minutes before I jumped in the pool. He runs the sail making enterprise at the back of the property making custom sails for the yachts here in the Vallarta area. I swam a few laps on the south side until an older guy parked himself on a raft in the middle of the lane and some kids jumped in to the shallow side. I managed to get a workout swimming diagonally across the deep end always on the alert not to run into anyone.

World Famous!

Back at the bungalow, I cooked up a sweet pot of delicious chicken soup. Man oh man, I can’t believe how good it tastes. Sat and ate two bowls while watching t.v. and having a relaxing evening. Things are pretty dull without PJ to liven things up. Look forward to having her back. Took the dogs for a final walk and then closed up shop.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for my Soul

  1. Soup looks pretty yummy! When is the sweet wife of yours coming back? We had a houseload of people staying this last week everyone leaves tomorrow we are ready for some quiet time.


  2. Tacos look good Mike. It’s got me missing the $1. Dollar fish taco Tuesday’s at Rosa’s in Vista. Two fish tacos are a full-on dinner. Not bad for the cold harsh tundra of California. Hope you’re enjoying your tropical paradise, chicken soup included. K&J


  3. Looks like you’ve got every thing neatly arranged so that PJ can rearrange them when she gets back. We have chicken on our Costco list so you can make some of that #World Famous soup when you are here. XOXO R&S


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