Canvassing the Neighborhood

Tucked in the back of the property behind the office is Ullman Sails, a company that makes and repairs sails for both cruisers and racing boats. Lupe and her son Rodrigo are both avid sailors and support the local racing and regattas here in Banderas Bay. The sail shop is a natural outgrowth of that love for all things nautical. I visited Rodrigo, a.k.a. Pollo this morning in the shop. 

They do mainly repairs here in the Vallarta area and making Bimini covers and other accessories. I toured the shop getting a lesson in the latest in sail technology. Canvas sails are becoming less the norm as newer fabrics created with plastics and carbon fiber are more durable and easier to use. Some pretty cool looking selections of materials. Pollo hooked me up with a t-shirt, I thanked him and left him to his work.

Rodrigo and the crew getting things ship shape

I haven’t washed any clothes since PJ left, so today was laundry day. I put in a large load then went upstairs to the gym and did some yoga while it washed. When it was done, I moved it to the dryer then went to the pool and got in a quick swim. There were a few people eating in the restaurant and a moderate crowd hanging around poolside. Great day for getting in the water, mid eighties both air and water. Rested in a chaise lounge until I was mostly dry then went back to the room.

I made a carne asada torta with ingredients I bought at the store yesterday. Paired it with some chips and a monster, an excellent combination. Checked some e-mail and then took the dogs out for walk number two. Folded the dry laundry and relaxed in the casita.

Talked to PJ and watched a movie, Pompeii on the television. Reheated a bowl of chicken soup from yesterday and enjoyed a quiet evening. Took the dogs out for a long walk around nine to make sure that they were good for the night. Ran into the Canadians next door on the way back and had a chat with them about their experiences here in Bucerias so far. Peaceful, explosion free night.

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