Leccion Numero Uno

Today is PJ’s first day of Spanish school at the Academia Washington so we got ourselves motivated a little earlier than normal. We embarked on a nice walk down the dirt path going towards Las Parotas. The dogs were delighted to have Pamela back in the pack and exhibited a bit more swagger in their step with their alpha back in the lead. 

At ten o’clock we climbed in the shuttle with a few other folks heading into town. Joaquin was in the office getting a few things from Eduardo. I made an attempt to be friendly and asked ‘what are you folks up to today?’ only to be met by dead silence. An odd vibe until we dropped the first couple off down in the arroyo. We arrived at Plaza Amores with about 40 minutes to spare so we had a seat at the Tuc Restaurant and ordered up some coffee and breakfast. The tables were full and there was a holiday atmosphere around the place. The food was good and it was a comfortable spot to get psyched up for school.

Saul was large and in charge. He kept the group animated and his energy was contagious. The class consisted of 8 women and me. It was a beginner class so my role there was mainly to keep PJ from getting too nervous. It was actually a lot of fun and Pamela picked up a number of basics to get her started. I slipped out half way through and walked next door to the Oxxo and bought us a couple of Monster energy drinks to maintain focus. PJ tried out her newly acquired vocabulary to negotiate our cab fare for the ride home. Had fun with Adan, the taxista, who actually spoke pretty decent English.

O.K. so I forgot to take pictures at school

Back at the house, we opened presents and got a start organizing all of our U.S. purchases in the massively stuffed suitcases. Both large bags had been searched by the TSA. They leave a little note inside letting you know that they had gone through your belongings. 

Rummaged through the luggage and Jackpot! New shorts, a new watch, and sandals for me. PJ seemed pretty stoked with her boogie board and the dogs gave a big woof when they opened their new ‘Furminator’. Lots of DVDs: Game of Thrones season 6, Breaking Bad complete, a couple of Despicable Me movies and a collection of Sidney Poitier classics.

Tons of fun stuff
Bet you can’t guess what’s for Christmas


We paid Paty a visit in the office to pay up our shuttle tab and to see if any cancellations might help keep us from moving back into the RV when our place has reservations that arrive on the 22nd. We are still trying to work the logistics of shifting rooms until things free up in March. Took the dogs for another walk in the late afternoon to the east where we stopped at the mini-super and got ourselves cold waters to drink in the shade of their palapa.

Evening was fast approaching and we decided to ride our bikes into Bucerias and munch down on a veggie pizza at California Pizza. We called in our order then hopped on the bikes for the quick pedal down to the crucero where the restaurant is located. Fun ride in the long shadows of the twilight. Our hot pie was ready and waiting when we rolled up, so we grabbed a table and chowed down while watching the world go by. California Pizza was doing a brisk business with all their tables filled, mostly expats. The motorcycle delivery guys were coming and going keeping the pizza pipeline flowing.

Save a slice for me!


The full moon illuminated our path for the ride up the trail. A cool breeze kept us comfortable blowing through the mango trees as we dodged the stretch of broken bricks that had been tossed into the ruts to help bring the uneven dirt surface up to a semblance of levelness. A trio of young women wished us a ‘buenas noches’ as we rode past and we were soon approaching the gates at Los Arroyos Verdes. We gave the guard at the gate a couple robust rings of our bells as we rolled into view and he dropped the chain and let us pass. Spent the rest of the night organizing and tending to things around the house.

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