Sobriety in the Sun

Another morning walking along the foothills of the misty jungle coated mountains to the south. We’ve been keeping exceptionally busy getting ready to move from one casita to the next. Another couple had reserved this spot long before we got here so now we are moving half of our stuff back Into Lexi, the magic motorhome and the rest over to another apartment on the other side of the compound. I also have to get the things I’m taking back to California on Sunday packed and ready to go.

Another session of Spanish school. PJ’s getting downright bilingual. We barely arrived with time to grab a muffin at the French bakery then attend the class. The instructor appeared even grumpier than usual this morning as he kept the students repeating and re-repeating whatever today’s lessons were.

Got right out of there when class was finished, grabbed my Guayaberas shirt from the cleaners next door, then caught a taxi back to Los Arroyos. Reheated a bowl of the scrumptious vegetable soup I had put together the other night. Served it up with a scoop of Jasmine rice and a dab of refried beans. Our friends in town are picking us up at 3:15 to go into PV to attend the ‘Sobriety under the Sun’ AA convention going on this weekend down at the marina. We caught a quick after lunch nap and were waiting out at the curb when they pulled up.

A full carload. The couple who are driving us down have two of their friends visiting from Canada to attend the conference. We all squeezed into their SUV and drove smoothly through the lighter than normal Friday afternoon traffic. At the Westin Marina hotel, we found the registration area where PJ and I got signed up. Quite a few of the attendees were already down in the conference area on a large patio outside of the ballroom. We munched a few snacks and bought a couple of t-shirts.

Our friends located the rest of their Canadian team and a group of about 12 of us walked down the block to a nice little sidewalk restaurant and ordered up a nice dinner before heading back for the main speaker for the evening. We met some really cool people and watched the sun set over the sparkly white condos across the street. 

We continued with our socializing back at the hotel where a large pre-event reception was taking place on the patio. At eight, the herd moved into the ballroom where an inspirational lady from Alberta shared her story with the three or four hundred people packed into the ballroom. Lots of hand shaking and good nights on the way out. I did my time in the far back of the SUV with the Costco toilet paper and styrofoam cups for the ride back. We got dropped at the door and walked the dogs before getting a good night’s rest.

3 thoughts on “Sobriety in the Sun

  1. Looks like a lot of great livin’ Mike! So happy you and PJ are having such a good time.
    Soooooo excited to see you and have you back in the States in no time!!


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