Moving Day

It’s a dog’s life

Our day began early getting all of our belongings packed in bags and ready to haul over to the two story villa that will be home for the next nine days. We were amazed at how much stuff we can accumulate in such short periods of time. We did some organizing at the RV and by early afternoon we had our gear ready to relocate. 

We went to the office and got the keys for our new place and arranged for Joaquin to come over with the flatbed truck and help us transfer our household; cloths, extra bedding, food, dog accessories and bicycles. We moved everything in then discovered that the key for the patio door didn’t lock the door. We raced over to the office on our bikes and Alfredo gave us the master key ring for our apt. and we took the collection of keys back to the casita and figured out the right key so we can lock ourselves up at night.

When we brought the keys back, I got on the office computer to print out my boarding pass for tomorrow. At first the internet wouldn’t hook up but when it did, it was super slow. I was using Alfredo’s laptop and keeping him from doing his work. Webpage: do you want to change seats? No, three minutes of buffering to the next page. Do you have bags, no. Three minutes of buffering. Do you have hazardous materials, no – more buffering. Firearms? You get the picture. Alfredo was gracious but you could tell he had better things to do. Los Arroyos had put on a big benefit event today for a senior center that is going up in the valley and everyone was running around madly.

We spent the evening organizing. Ordered up pizzas from California Pizza and twenty minutes later a kid on a motorcycle pulled up and dropped them off. Quiet night settling in at the new digs, a large two bedroom, two story villa. Dogs aren’t so sure about the change. Me neither, I’d grown kind of fond of the little open air studio by the goat fields. Over here it’s cows with a bit more noise. Soon, we’ll be back over there. 

4 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Safe travels, Michael! Please be in touch, I’d love to have you over for dinner or at least a visit! We miss you!!! Pammy, know we’ll catch up while you are on your own!!! Much love, Kim


    1. Hi you two busy bees.. Know how much we nomads deplore moves..we here it all the time in the program..right? When you think of the posibility of “WHY” it’s so disruptive I conclude it started at birth. Being removed from the safety, warmth, and security of the womb. In contrast…Tahoe is loaded with snow and the Drought has broken! God’s gift to us for the new year. So I am watching the kids at The lake snow boarding, skiing and having fun up there (on TV). When snow boarding first started I told Kevin it was the new thing..sure enough a couple of years later they were in the Olympics and of course it was a bunch of Surfers who had all the basic skills! Hey Mike…let me know if you get these. I still am not sure if I am doing this right..thanks. Love you guys. PAT O”K…. and BERN 1DAAT!


        1. Mike, God Bless on your Ear can catch KEVIN after say 5pm..he’s been working 6 days a wk. but he would love hearing from you. When is surgery? his #752-7746. Thanks for reply..good to know you are getting mail. Bye for now…


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