Travel Day

Busy day getting the final arrangements taken care of before heading off to the airport. Went to the office, negotiated the price of our various housing options and paid the months rent. PJ and I got the RV all hooked up in preparation for the 7 days she’ll stay there. Got showered up and before I knew it, Joaquin was knocking on the door and loading my bags into the shuttle.

We dropped another resident off at the Walmart on the way into the airport. The terminal was busy with crowds of people coming and going when we pulled up. Gave PJ a kiss goodbye and I waded into the sea of humanity roiling about in the Puerto Vallarta airport. Cancelled my tourist visa and then made my easily through security.

Found my gate with lots of time to spare. Lined up at a pizza kiosk and ordered a spinach stromboli and ate it slowly while sitting at a counter watching people pass through the terminal. The entire attitude at Gustavo Diaz Ordaz airport is totally laid back. People are sun tanned, relaxed and heading home from a tropical vacation. Very little pushing to the front of the line or jostling for position. Boarding was a breeze and I had an aisle seat just behind first class, seat 6D. Sat next to a nice couple from La Jolla who were really comfortable to talk to. We chatted a while until after take off when I got in a little reading and immersed  myself in thoughts of things to accomplish during my visit.

Cold and rainy in San Diego

It was raining hard as we descended into San Diego. Walked right through customs and called my friend Shannon who was waiting over in the cell phone lot. Cold standing out in the wind and rain. A few moments later, there he was in his work truck. Pretty exciting seeing his familiar face. We drove through the steady down pour up to Oceanside where we stopped for dinner at Ocean Thai Restaurant. 

The food was excellent and it was relaxing hanging in the warmth of the restaurant. Steamed mussels were awesome. Shannon, thanks again for being there to pick me up. I hit the speaker meeting in Carlsbad before heading over to my Dad’s house to visit with the family.

The entire family was there to greet me. My dad and his gal, my aunt, sister, brother in law and their kids. A warm welcome for a cold traveler. We talked for a while then Lee, Mette and the kids had to head home to get up early for work tomorrow. I talked to PJ for a while on the phone then hung about with the oldies watching National Geographic channel and munching a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Always a comfortable feeling being in the childhood home. 

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