No Rest for the Wicked

A whirlwind of a day. Got an early start sorting things and figuring out what I’ll be able to fit in the big suitcase. Ten o’clock came quickly and I raced over to Alchemy Hair Studio to get my not so stylish Bucerias haircut a major up grade. PJ’s dear friend Diana owns the salon and even though I’m not quite as hip as their regular clientele, she took pity on my bedraggled locks and sent me out with a bit more contemporary look. She’s a real sweetheart and pretended not to be repelled by the giant band aid I stuck over my ear to keep the little hairs out of the wound. Thanks Diana, love the haircut 💇‍♂️ 

Looking and feeling pretty hip
From there it was over to Camping World to pick up a sewer hose carrier to use as a case for flying my fishing poles to Puerto Vallarta. Then when I get back I can attach the plastic tube to the RV and actually use it for its intended purpose. 

Then out to Carlsbad to sign and file the tax paperwork. Martin came out and went over a few things with me, then I added my John Hancock, shook hands and headed off to the next to do item on my list. Great service and individual attention along with a relaxed attitude and sense of humor. Good doing business with Schwartz & Schwartz.

Martin of Schwartz & Schwartz, another father and son team

I drove over to the storage unit only to realize I failed to put some of the stuff in the car, so drove right through the compound and continued on out to Poway to see Dr. Fitzgerald and finally get the plug out of the ear canal. Nothing as fun as getting a lidocaine injection in the ear canal to numb it up enough to pull the wick out. But I can hear. It’s not quite 100% but man it is good to have the ear opened up. I’m vowing to use ear plugs and keep the other ear dry to avoid repeating this procedure for as long as possible. They run a nice facility with a competent crew. The little couch in the exam room is an added touch, rather than some backless uncomfortable exam table.

Putting in some miles ping ponging around north county. It was back to Dad’s to get the storage stuff, load it in the car and head back to Carlsbad. First stop was at the bank in the village. Finally got someone to deposit our checks into PJ’s account. We’d been getting the run around for not having her signature, even though both checks were in her name and being deposited into her account. I signed the joint check and passed them over to the bank manager and voila, he deposited them without a moment’s hesitation. Money back on taxes and checks into the account-I’m crediting the new haircut.

I had a few minutes to kill before the dental appointment, so I left the car in their lot and hoofed it down to Starbucks and got a cup of tea. The weather had gone all foggy and damp so I had to keep moving to stay warm. Back at the dentist’s, Dr. Bell and Dr. Bell had been training on the new crown milling technology they had set up. My crown was one they had been experimenting with. They had a couple of versions and they both checked the fits and gauged the accuracy of the placement. Being extra particular about how tight the gaps are, they went with the snugger version and got me set up. I tried to have it done without numbing me up so I wouldn’t be drooling at dinner, but it proved too painful so we had to use the lidocaine. It was good to see Brandon, the younger Dr. Bell. They are both super relaxed and make you feel like family.

Brandon, the younger Dr. Bell and heir to the throne

I threw on my hoodie and took a long walk in the fog to maybe speed up the clearing out of the numbness so I could eat a little of the tri-tip they’re cooking up over at the house. For such a dreary afternoon, there was a ton of people out walking around in the fog. Allowed myself about 45 minutes then it was back to business. 

Headed back over to the storage unit and dropped off some cargo, mostly paperwork to be filed. I climbed around and over the hap hazardly loaded boxes and goods in a last ditch effort to find PJ’s shoes but to no avail. They must be buried deep in the bowels of the storage wasteland. Sped for home and tried to get some packing done before Mette, Lee and the kids showed up. Got a few things stowed then it was time for dinner and family time. Got up to date on what the kids are up to. Devon’s got her new drum kit, so maybe some jamming is going to have to happen in the near future. Lee’s job is sending him on lots of travel, mainly to Europe hopefully he can work in time to visit with family. We’ve got lots of kin in both the U.K. And Denmark. The food was killer and soon everyone headed home to do their homework and I got back to packing and getting ready for an early start tomorrow morning. 

The suitcase weighs a ton. A lot of it is food. These Amazon boxes kept mysteriously showing up with PJ’s favorite snack foods in them to haul back down to Bucerias. We’ll see what the scales say at the airport tomorrow. I put the super sized Skippy peanut butter jar near the top in case I have to throw something overboard. Better get to sleep, travel day tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked

  1. Sorry I didn’t get to see you. I’m sure many of us feel the same. Give your sweet wife a big hug from me. And safe travels.


  2. Mike, so happy to see the giant suitcase getting a workout! Lovely when something that was just taking up space actually gets used! Glad you figured out something for the fishing poles and dual purpose! Also, get the was earplugs for your ears, RJ has bad ears and won’t go near the water without the good plugs. Has for years. Feel so lucky to have our quick visit with all you had to accomplish and good on you for getting it all done. Know there must be tons of friends who missed you. Used to be like that for me with coming back from the UK. We do the best we can! I know one excited lady for your return!!!!! Safe travels! Love you, Kimmy


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