Green Light for the Red Ear

Sunday, we got up early and waited at the gate for our friends Bryce and Arlene to pick us up. We drove into Puerto Vallarta where we met up with some other friends then went out for a nice breakfast at the Pancake House. It has a beautiful open interior with lots of plants and shade. It’s a popular spot and we had to wait a while to get ourselves a seat. Friends Mike and Lori have Mike’s son Bryce in town visiting with his wife Emily and daughter Elly. Elly charmed the table as we enjoyed an excellent breakfast and excellent company. 

Waiting for tables

It was early afternoon by the time we arrived back at Los Arroyos Verdes. Took a nice long nap. A rock n’ roll band was playing over by the pool but I couldn’t work up enough interest to bother walking over to check it out. I hooked up the blue ray player I had brought with me from home then we made veggie burgers and binge watched Game of Thrones.

Today, PJ barely got up with enough time to make it to her Spanish lessons. I took the dogs for a spin then showered up and boarded the shuttle into town. Joaquin had a full van load and I jumped out at the Santander to run across traffic and catch an ATM bus into Vallarta. Only took a minute for one to roll up and I was off and running. Tight little plastic seats on this one, barely fit. Asked the driver to let me know when we were at the last stop before he turns left but he had me off the bus several blocks early. 

Walked along the beach but time was running out so I stepped back up to the cobbled street and flagged down a taxi to get to the clinic on time.

All clear on the ear! I’m good to get back in the water. Dr. Nunez scoped it all out and says it looks good to go. He cleaned up the other ear also and sent me out all tuned up.

I walked a few blocks back until I came upon an old school loncheria offering a comida corrida for 56 pesos. Pollo, picadillo, rice, beans and a drink. The place even had the urban legend bags of water hanging from the ceiling to ward off the flies. I haven’t seen that one in many years. The food was good, the tortillas were freshly pressed and cooked, and I had my fill.

Afterwards, I headed into the market place and wandered around checking things out. Found the food booths upstairs and made a mental note for next time. My favorite garapinado guy was at his spot stirring a copper pot of the candied pecans that are soooo tasty. Picked up a large bag and headed to the Main Street looking for a bus. Right next to the bus stop was a Parisiana fabric store. So I stopped in and bought a packet of the little plastic things that are used to cinch up shoelaces and such. The one on the drawstring of my little backpack had given up the ghost so I replaced it while riding the stretch of road to where I transfer buses at the Walmart center.

Waiting for the bus
Switched buses to the ATM line that goes through to Bucerias. A nicer bus this time. Big velour seats and not so many passengers. I got a front seat so I could check things out. Jumped off in Bucerias by the Santander bank and went in and reloaded my wallet with pesos. Walked to the fish market and got a couple of nice snapper filets, then visited the fruit stand for a pineapple and bananas. My last stop was the mini-super for a few groceries we needed at the house. Flagged down a cab and made my way home.

Lounged for awhile then we caught a ride back into town with Lupe. We hopped out at the highway and walked down the hill into the Golden Zone. We strolled around window shopping and looking at rentals until we arrived at La Postal restaurant where we staked out a table amongst the trees and ordered up a pizza and a capresse salad. Killer pizza with the flaky wood fired crust. Took our time and had good conversation and nice surroundings. We walked down to the water and watched the jet ski guys blast their watercraft up onto the sand to put their toys away for the day. Beautiful Bucerias evening. Walked over to the meeting in the arroyo.


Walking down the arroyo

Popped into Cattleyas flowers while walking up the hill and bought PJ some white lilies to brighten up the casita. Hailed a taxi and made for home.​​

Time for bed

3 thoughts on “Green Light for the Red Ear

  1. Mike,
    I’m really enjoying this vicarious vacation with u and P J. So nice of u to take me along with with interesting commentary & pictures.
    Hasta mañana,



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