Lo de Marcos

I picked up some kind of throat ailment somewhere along the way. For the past few days, I stayed in and nursed the cold. On Thursday, PJ went into Puerto Vallarta with Arlene to have a girl’s day with some of their friends. They ended up back at Daquiri Dick’s, one of their favorite lunch spots. We spent the evenings watching episodes of Game of Thrones. We are almost done with season one. Yesterday, we spent the entire day loading Lexi and organizing our stuff. Took down the chicken wire dog corral we had erected around the RV and made sure the vehicle was in shape for the drive. Not a long drive, but it had been sitting since Dec. 5th so it was good to go through all of the systems. Eduardo had pity on us and let us sleep in the casita as long as we were out first thing in the morning so they can turn the room over.

We were excited to get going this morning. Lo de Marcos has been the goal for two years now. It just kept getting sidelined in one way or another. Today, we are on the way. Got everything stowed and we slid out the gate at around 10:00. Our first stop was the vet down along the coast highway. I overshot the cross street and parked down by the dentist and walked the dogs back up the road. Koda has a big open sore on her back leg that she keeps chewing on and making bigger. The vet gave Koda a checking over and then gave her a shot of antibiotics and a shot of vitamins. She didn’t much care for it and gave a little yelp as he injected it into her back leg. He claimed no need for a cone and said she’d clear up. He clipped their nails while I walked over to the bank for some pesos. He was a little rough and I wasn’t overly impressed. 

Cali is a little skeptical of the vet also

We walked on back down to where PJ was hanging in the RV and got out on highway 200 and headed for Lo de Marcos. Just past Sayulita, Koda puked all over Cali’s bed. We pulled over at a roadside stand selling fruit and nuts. PJ washed their beds while I talked to the ladies manning the fruteria. They allowed us to use their hose out back and we repaid the kindness by purchasing some exotic fruits. Koda ralphed again and wasn’t looking too sharp. We tossed the wet beds in a big black plastic trash bag and kept on rolling. We made a quick stop at the Oxxo at the entrance to Lo de Marcos and filled the larder with drinks and miscellaneous foodstuffs.

Pulled into El Pequeno Paraiso around one to be greeted with hugs from Miguel and Nancy. They caught us up on the latest goings on in their lives and gave us the key to bungalow #5.

Six has a couple from B.C. in it that will be out tomorrow. We lugged numerous loads of gear up the four flights of stairs and started getting settled into the little studio apartment. It was a little more rustic than PJ had remembered it. All that spoiling at Los Arroyos Verdes has her looking a little askance at the slightly worn accommodations. All I’m seeing is the ocean right there at our front door.

Pea recleaned the room and organized things enough to make the place feel livable. Moved a few pieces of furniture then had a little nap. Met our Canadian neighbors when they returned from the beach and talked for a while. They are off to a charity event in town designed to set up the local kids with school supplies. We grabbed a few more things from the RV then parked it up in a shady campsite. I got my fishing pole outfitted to try my luck tomorrow while PJ was searching  for something down in the RV. The sun was setting behind the mountains as the frigate birds soared overhead and a flock of yellow and black birds were flirting with each other high up in the palms.

We took the dogs out for a walk and ended up wandering all the way into town. An old school taqueria was waiting for us as we turned the corner onto the main drag out of town. We pulled out some plastic chairs on the sidewalk and watched people passing by on their way to the plaza. Two cute young girls were taking our orders. No matter how much we tried to convince them that the dogs are friendly, they weren’t buying it and kept their distance. The tacos were tasty and the four of us were tired after a couple of busy days. Koda is still a little shaky from her visit to the vet and I’m dragging around a few remnants of this cold, so we trudged on back to the tower and cleaned ourselves up for bed.

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