Under the Weather, Under the Radar

We’re both battling a gnarly bug that has been going around. We had a lazy morning hanging out on the balcony drinking tea. I didn’t descend the stairs until the afternoon when we took the bikes and rode into town to do some errands. I was looking for a nursery as I want to buy a couple of bougainvilleas to strategically put on the deck to discourage any interlopers from hopping over the railing. But I had no luck. I was told there were some nurseries down towards Rincon de Guayabitos, but that’s a little far.

We bought a few groceries at Lety’s store then rode around looking for the best restaurant to meet up with friends that are coming to visit. There’s a nice palapa style place right on the sand at the end of the main road. I picked up a small padlock for use on the gate and we rode back to the casita.

The dogs got out for a break, then we suited up and went for a swim in the calm clear ocean. Lots of our neighbors were hanging out in front of the property at the beach. We talked to a few them as we swam and I met a group who come down and swim together every day. Hopefully, I can join them tomorrow. Not wanting to get too fried, we hid in the shade of a palm for a while then headed back upstairs.

I cooked up some tilapia filets I got at the market today along with rice mixed with veggies. We sat on the balcony watching the sun go down and enjoyed the exceptionally flavorful fish. I played some guitar on the deck then we read and rested with the dogs.

Our little stretch of beach out front

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