Painted into a Corner

Took the dogs for a walk early then sat downstairs with the neighbors talking about various subjects. The community is getting sparse. Martin and Gail left today heading towards Guadalajara and the last two RVs are packing up to go tomorrow leaving just a handful of us apartment dwellers. We spent most of the morning waiting around for Jose Luis to come back and finish with painting the upper deck area. He had gotten a good start on the project last night when he worked until around eight o’clock. He had painted us out of the rear cabina that we use as our bedroom so we had to hang out in the front unit until midnight when it was o.k. to walk on the painted floor. A minor inconvenience. PJ had really pushed to get Miguel to resurface the terrace, so we are glad it is getting done. 

Miguel said Jose Luis would  be back around 11:00 am but he didn’t arrive until closer to 2:00 in the afternoon. PJ took the dogs for a long outing since they will be closed in for a minimum of four hours while the paint dries. We closed them in, then took our books and bathing suits and left Jose Luis and his wife to do their thing. His wife always shows up perfectly made up and nicely dressed then she’s not afraid to jump right in and bust a sweat right along side Jose Luis. 

We sat in the shade of the large trees next to the RV and read our books for a while. As the afternoon progressed, we gathered our beach stuff and went for a swim then laid around in the sand. Pretty soon it was time to head into town for the Weds. AA meeting. Just a handful of people but it was good. Afterwards I went to the new mariscos restaurant for some crab and lobster tacos and to try their Mexican version of sushi. Mediocre but it was sushi and proved to be a nice alternative to our mostly Mexican diet. PJ went to the group meditation that is held every Weds. evening at the little library in town.




I picked up a couple of small grocery items and pedaled back to see how the pups were doing. The final coat on the deck looks good but there were still a lot of areas of wet paint. I tied a couple of plastic grocery bags on my feet and went into the first room. I decided to let the dogs sweat it out a while more until, PJ got back. When she got home, I put the bags back on my feet and carried the dogs across the patio to the gate avoiding the wet spots. PJ hooked them up then we walked up the hill to the south. Upon our return, I carried the dogs back to their room and we stayed inside to let things dry. Played a little guitar, watched some U.S. news and wrote. Quiet evening.

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