Market Day

I was up before the rest of the house and decided to slip out and see if I could catch a few waves out front before the Saturday crowd descended on the point. Beautiful glassy morning with a few small waves coming through every now and then. I was the only one out. Waves were meager but I made an agreement with myself that I would stay out at least a half an hour and give it my best shot. 

When I got out of the water, PJ and the dogs were walking around the beach. There is a holiday feel in the air. We sat on plastic chairs and watched the fishermen coming in unloading their catch. Fishing must be good because there were more boats than normal coming and going today. Brad and Leona had left earlier this morning leaving us all alone in the beach tower. The herd is thinning out. It is just us, Barb & Brian and Cheryl left at El Pequeno Paraiso.

We went up and had breakfast and watched the many different species of birds going about their morning rituals. Our deck is in treetops so we are eye to eye with the birds. There are certain birds that go with certain trees and we get a pretty good variety in the yard out front. We saddled up the bikes and headed into town. Our first stop was the Saturday market, the tianguis, located in a large lot on the main road a block up from the town square. Our friend Memo has a spot there selling his organic herbs that he picks and processes himself. We chatted a while and bought some moringa dog treats to healthy up the dogs.

Memo, the Master of Moringa


We wandered about checking out all of the booths and tables. I picked up a bag of garapinados, the candied pecans that taste so good. The girl gave us a sample of chile mangoes but they were a little too hot for PJ ‘s liking. She bought a bouquet of paper flowers and unbeknownst to me, a little skeleton man playing a guitar that she later gave me as a gift. 

From there it was on to more mundane errands. We hit the housewares shop with all the plastic goods and bought a little stool to use as a side table and a door mat. As we stepped out onto the sidewalk, we ran into Bob and Wanda and invited them to dinner at the beach restaurant out in front of the house. Hit the veggie stand and loaded up on veggies, then down to Rodrigo’s for some dorado filets then back down Calle Minitas to the house.

Brian was out front when we rolled up and invited me to come over and beat on drums for a while. PJ and I put the groceries away, made PB & Js, then I grabbed my little djembe and went down and got tribal. We were pounding away when our friends Gail and Eric pulled in to book a cabina for the night. They are leaving for home first thing tomorrow, and having their camper van all packed up and ready will save time for getting an early start. They had been camped over at La Parota two doors down. 

Gail, ready for the long road to Wisconsin
We managed to get in a little nap time before going down to the beach for a swim. The waves had improved with the tide and there was quite a crowd out contesting for the little left handers coming through the rocks. We swam out around the anchored boat in the bay. PJ is getting bolder each time we go out for a swim. We returned to shore and body surfed a few shallow water close outs then dried off and met Wanda and Bob over at Tomatina’s for dinner. 

The beach was busy and so was the restaurant. Lots of good conversation and Tomatina’s always serves up an excellent meal. Bob and Wanda retired a few years back and have been full timing it for about four years now. They’re staying here through mid April then heading through Louisiana and then up the east coast. Kind of our route to Mexico from Pete and Carole’s only in reverse. Talk of RVing dominated along with pets and catching fish. 

Came home, watched a little basketball and wrote and goofed off online.

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