Breakfast & Bull Rings

Got up and got ourselves assembled this morning since I was in charge of opening up the meeting hall for the 10:00 am meeting. Gail & Eric pulled out leaving us once again alone in the tower. Ward had arrived last night from his southern wanderings and was camped in a tent down below.

Godspeed and safe travels

We pedaled on over to the AA house at 9:30 or so we thought. We hadn’t been paying attention to any local news and no one was talking about the time changing but obviously it had because the meeting was half over when we appeared to open the doors. It was already 10:30 when we got there. No problem, somebody had a key and another person filled in to chair the meeting. I locked up afterwards and we hustled over to Clarita’s restaurant on the main road.

Our friends from Bucerias were meeting us there for brunch and we were looking forward to catching up. PJ and Arlene spent a few minutes talking to the owner up front while Bryce and I picked us a table in the back. Seems like we always have a lot to talk about and the conversation flowed easily. Unknown to us, this was Clarita’s last day open for the season. After today they are closing up and heading home. Bryce and I ordered the breakfast burrito with ‘tocho morocho’ meaning with absolutely everything. The waiter provided us with our new slang phrase for the day. Food as always was exceptional and the courtyard is a pleasant little oasis to hang out at. Bryce grabbed the tab and treated us to the meal. Thanks a million, my brother. 

The ladies browsed in the little gift shop in the foyer and bought a few little arty blown glass items. The downtown area was hopping. We said our goodbyes at the curb and agreed to meet up again next Thursday for the La Penita tianguis. On the bike ride home, we stopped by the little lagoon to see what the storks were up to. Just being storks I guess.

We had a really lazy afternoon. I was tired and my stomach was a little weird so reading and napping were the agenda items for the day. About an hour before sunset, we decided to meander through the back neighborhood looking for the old bull ring. After a bit of exploring we came upon the arena on the main highway. It was in a sorry state of decay, but someone had placed a trio of hungry looking horses in the center to munch on the unkempt grass growing in the yard.

It was dark by the time we made our way home. Ward has moved his camp nearer the beach access. He’s pulling a trailer with a motorcycle. He had left the trailer here to roam south unencumbered and now he has retrieved it from the garage and set up camp. We climbed the stairs, had a small dinner and wrote up this post.

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