Lo de Marcos Semana Santa

The internet has been basically non functional these past few days. The inundation of the town has ground what little bandwidth Lo de Marcos normally offers down to a perfunctory crawl. At 5:00 a.m. there is a chance to get good service and it slows going on from there. The large number of well to do spring breakers is also taking a toll on the 3G network so even using the personal hotspot is touch and go.

The celebrants keep on coming, filling in what little gaps might still remain in between the already established camps. The kids are so excited to be at the beach. Their energy and pure joy is contagious. We have been spending a lot of our time tucked away up in our roost taking the dogs out every so often and making the occasional trip into town to see what’s going on. 

Yesterday, we got up early and PJ worked on her surfing while I swam around over the reef pushing her into the anemic swells that would sporadically pass through. She put away the board and we swam out to the rocks off of the point. I saw a sea snake swimming casually around the rocks below as we neared the rocks. So, our friend Tom wasn’t just repeating local lore, they are actually out there patrolling the reef. There were butterfly fish, puffers, sea stars and lots of other nondescript little fishes feeding along the bottom.

We pulled out the plastic chairs that Nancy has stashed behind the bar and rested in the shade on the sand drying off and watching the vacationers file out from the campground to take their places under their shade structures that line the entire beach. The old folks have their chairs lined up theater style all facing the ocean in rows and everyone spends the day people watching when they are not cooling themselves off in the warm clear water. 

Our place is directly in front of the jet ski

The weather has been amazing for their holidays. Mid eighties in the heat of the day and cooling down to mid sixties at night. Fortunately, the surf has been exceptionally mild, too small to even boogie board. But with all the young children playing in the water it is a godsend. I’m told last year there were 54 rescues and people were getting thrashed in the surf. PJ has taken on the Mexican custom of going out early in the day then holing up in the shade through the heat of the day only to reemerge in the evening when things cool down.

Wednesday night we walked into town along the beach checking out the festivities and wetting our toes in the water. Larry was leading the weekly meditation being held in the library so we had a seat and got our zen on. 

Larry, sharing the love

Things were quiet in town since all of the action is on the beach. We sat in the town square for a while then made the leisurely walk home.

One thought on “Lo de Marcos Semana Santa

  1. Love that Pammy is living with the rhythm of the place. And your swim sounded like heaven. Back in Fallbrook, living in the airstream. Finding my way. Much love to both of you!


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