Surviving Semana Santa

Wow, the internet finally works! The week just rolled along, lots of loud music, a few barrages of random explosives and lots of families excited to be hanging out at the beach for their Easter holiday. Roving bands of drummers and brass instruments worked the beach. They sound like much like a high school marching band. Maybe four or five drums rattling away, a tuba for base and some random brass instruments. Not designed for precision sound but for maximum joyous celebration. On the busiest days, there might be three within a hundred yards of each other turning the musical interlude into a battle of the discordant bands. We would wade through the humanity and swim out past the surf and take it all in from the sea.


The beer guy, deliveries for the extremely lazy

The shrimp guy selling his wares
What’s for lunch, compa?
Donuts, anyone?
The nunchuck kids took over a large swath of La Parota for the week.

We spent a large portion of our days hidden away up on the terrace. We worked on learning some songs and tried some art. PJ found a stash of broken roof tiles and we are having fun throwing a bit of hobby paint on them. We go out and mingle with the crowd, but in all honesty, this hasn’t proven to be the most out going lot. The entitled kids with the giant stereo in the apartment right below us are downright hostile. It’s been an interesting week, with another week of vacation for some. Easter Sunday, the place emptied out, leaving maybe four campsites full of people. Miguel says there will be a few more coming but nothing like last week. Pretty calm, although the bombs keep dropping and the music, to a much lesser degree, still pumps from places off in the dark. It was worth hanging out to experience the excitement, but probably will leave for more peaceful environs if we’re here next time around. Sleep is a precious thing that seems to get rarer in the best of circumstances as I get older. 

Miguel with PJ’s ‘third eye’

Sunsets never get old

4 thoughts on “Surviving Semana Santa

  1. Happy Birthday ny beautiful daughter of another Mother keep on healing and dealing and sharing and giving and being as beautiful as ever happy u r there but wish u were here may ur heaped with the glories of the universe smothered in love and appreciated for all the beautiful treasure u represent love love love you


  2. You are right Sunsets never get old. I find that sunrises are also welcome!
    We are glad you made it through Spring Break, Easter Break, Party On Break…..even if sleep was not the priority with the local countrymen…hehe.

    We tried to call and sing Happy Birthday to our favorite daughter-in-law, BUT, sin conexion Telefonica!!!!!
    Much love and Happy Birthday anyhow….en ingles

    XOXOXO R & S


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