We spent the morning researching flights for PJ to head back to Rhode Island to visit her parents. Stayed on campus all day doing things with the RV and discussing what our next plans might be as far as taking the motorhome to get smogged and registered then see from there what develops. Our friend Bryce came by for a nice visit for the afternoon. We sat around Casa Arrayan catching up on the latest goings on. He’ll be heading home soon leaving Bucerias all the poorer for it.

In the evening, when the pool area cleared out, we swam some laps and enjoyed the solitude of a skeleton crewed Los Arroyos Verdes. It has dwindled down to the hand full of full timers who live here year round. The restaurant will be closing down for the season come next Monday.  We relaxed poolside until it started getting cold then went in for a light dinner.

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