Water Street Flea

On our final day in Providence, we slept in before going down to have breakfast at the buffet. Food wasn’t all that great, powdered egg mini-omelets and cold turkey sausages. But what do want for nuthin’. Crowded house as everyone was prepping to head out this morning.

We arranged for a late check out then went back up to the room to hang out in the peaceful suite. I did some writing and we read the Sunday paper sitting on the little divan. As two o’clock approached, we packed up our bags and took them down to the front desk and had the clerk store them for us while we walked across the river to check out the sidewalk market, the flea.

There were numerous vendors with the usual stalls of home made jewelry, artsy t-shirts and different decorative items and antiques. A busker was playing folksy music and a decent sized assemblage of people were loitering around the park.

We visited the food trucks lining the curb on South Water St. and ordered us up a pair of gourmet sandwiches. We found a boulder in the shade of a willow tree and sat along the river watching the kayakers glide by as we ate our lunch. A nice getaway to the city and a chance to explore the history of the capital.

We retrieved our bags and I keyed in for a Lyft on my phone. A few minutes later Mohammed came rolling up in a late model Camry to drive us back to Warwick. The car had an air resplendent with an overpowering saturation of men’s cologne. We adjusted to the heady atmosphere then sat back and watched the skyline of Providence roll by the windscreen.

Back at the in-laws we easily fell back into our accustomed routine, unpacking our belongings and relaxing with Pete and Carole.

6 thoughts on “Water Street Flea

    1. Thanks Jerry. Thought about you while wandering around Providence. You probably recognize some of the areas. Our best to you and Rodelle


  1. Uuuuuuuurrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbaahhhh!
    Happy, happy (belated) 32!!!!
    Wow, what an amazing accomplishment! As you know, you’ve been a profound part of my blessed journey. Thank you for being you.

    Gorgeous views and powdered eggs…what better way to kick off your 33rd year of happy, joyous and free livin’?!!!
    Best to you PJ and the furry ones.


    1. Thanks Larry
      Great to hear from you. We are hoping to be passing thru LdM this winter also. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Best to you both.


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