Emerald Lake

The shade of the trees made it easy to sleep in this morning. Things are pretty quiet in our little neck of the camp. The only other camper, a class a RVer from Connecticut packed it up and left us alone in the stretch of road between more populated camp zones.

We hiked down to the ranger station and booked ourselves in until Saturday. We can stay in the site we are at until Friday, then we move over to space #40 in loop B for our final night. We hiked back along the lake. There were a few people renting kayaks and little pedal boats to go out and explore the lake. We stopped at the modest but meticulously manicured beach area where a few families were set up and enjoying picnics on the sand and grassy area adjacent to it.

We continued along the shore where we saw only a few people out for the day. A few boys fishing off of the trail and another more serious fisherman standing in an inner tube wearing waders and working the shore near the water lilies at the far end of the lake.

We made our way up the steep portion of the trail that leads up to our camp. We played with the pups and PJ made us fruit and cheese plates for our lunch. We sat outside on our camp chairs and relished the cool breeze that was causing the leaves to flutter as it moved through the woods


PJ napped and I hung my hammock between two trees and did some reading while keeping Cali happy with a few pets. We had planned to ride our bikes into town but the afternoon got away from us and we were perfectly content to just hang out.

As the sky began to darken, we set ourselves up with a fire and I roasted a few hot dogs and we sat into the night warming our feet and enjoying the quiet of the Vermont outdoors.

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