Farewell to Lexi

OMG, I can’t believe we just did it. We followed Lexi’s new owner Diane back to her house near the bay and said our final farewells to the vessel that has carried us nearly 15,000 miles through 36 states in the U.S. and 8 states in Mexico. We had been toying with the idea of upgrading to a larger, newer rig for the past month. We got the bug when one of Pete’s friends had his older Winnebago for sale so we took a look. The size and extra storage was really appealing although the ride was rough and loud due the older suspension.

We didn’t go for that one but the seed was planted. PJ reckons that if we are to continue the nomadic life, we need a little more elbow room inside. We have been shopping around and although the inventory isn’t all that large in New England in the fall, we have seen a few possibilities.

Lexi has gone to a good home. A recently retired lady named Diane who has spent many years living on boats has picked her up to embark on some explorations around the U.S. Diane took the wheel and drove Lexi over to the motor vehicles office that does VIN verifications and she handled the driving like a veteran RVer. After the paperwork was completed, PJ followed us over to Diane’s and we dropped off the RV. We wish Diane the best of travels and many exciting adventures.

Some tears were shed as we watched the old rig fade away in the rear view mirror as we left her at her new home. Now we are getting ready to work a deal on a new motorhome to continue our travels and see where the road leads us next. But first we just need a few minutes to pause and reflect on all of the interesting and unusual places this amazing vehicle has delivered us to.

Bluewater Lake, NMFoss Lake OKMerremec River MOPAOBXCape Hatteras NCOcracoke Ferry OBXTexas!MazatlanLos Arroyos Verdes, Bucerias MXEl Pequeno Paraiso MXLo de Marcos MXCapitol Reef UTArches National Park UTNebraska

Thanks for the lift Lexi, it’s been one hell of a ride!