A Day of Rest

PJ was up early walking the dogs in the pre-dawn hours. Afterwards she made a pot of coffee and got a jump start on her day while I slept in. We spent most of the morning in the house reading, stretching and taking it easy. We’ve decided to enjoy a day off and take advantage of the 80 degree day. I took Cali and we walked up to the kiosk and paid up another day’s rent. We took a peek in the Fisher Cave famous for its resident population of bats. They have a big gate across the front so there wasn’t much to see.

Cheap ass trash bags!

The carpets and gear from the storage compartments was dry so I put everything back in its place moving the electronics to a dry compartment. The dogs were looking a little energetic so we took them on a long hike up to the swim beach at the end of the campground. Koda was stoked to finally get in the water for the first time on the trip. The river was beautiful, you could see the bottom through the crystal clear water. After her swim Koda ran around like a puppy up and down the rocky shoreline trying to get a reluctant Cali to join in the frolic with minimal success.

We returned to camp where I did a few maintenance chores. I repaired the small retaining clip that had come off of the bottom of the table leg. I found a slightly longer screw and attached it back on with a bit of added silicone glue. Then I put a few drops of thread locker on the little screw that is supposed to keep the clasp that hold the shower shut while driving tight. It keeps loosening up and spinning freely. We’ll see how they hold up.

We spent the evening sitting out front in our chairs since this is the last warm day on tap for a while. Back to temps in the 40s again tomorrow. I steamed us up some vegetables and rice for dinner then we had a quiet night in the house.