A Very Happy Birthday to Aunt Norma

We took a wet ride through Providence braving the pouring rain to head up the freeway to Georgetown MA. Aunt Norma was celebrating her birthday (can’t tell you how many) at cousin Beth’s charming country home in northern Mass. Norma was taken completely by surprise when we pulled up. Cousins Holly and Chris were already there creating gourmet dishes to serve up for the party. Beth’s son Camden was home from college for the get together along with a couple of old family friends. I staked a spot out near the bar-b-que along with Uncle Clayton and Chris.

Not long after another cousin, Diane, from Maine rolled up in the driveway with the entire family in tow. Nobody had an inkling that they were on the roster for today. Much to Aunt Norma’s delight, a goodly representation of the Mahoney clan had gathered for the afternoon’s feast. I had never met Matt and Diane before so it was real treat getting to know them and the three kids Hunter, Katherine and Andrew.

The day was filled with feasting on excellent food, kids throwing frisbees and tons of good conversation. Diane provided some family photos that the ladies shared around the table, the guys took in some football and a sense of warmth from close family bonds pervaded the mini-reunion. An easy group to fall in with, I felt at home from the beginning.

Cousins back then

Cousins today

As the day began to fade, we said our farewells and rolled back down the highway for the nearly two hour drive back to Warwick. The trees along the parkway are exploding with color and the skies were clearing with streaks of gray clouds backlit by the setting sun. A great day of family celebration.