On to Lake Tawakoni

I slept fitfully, waking frequently and experiencing wild, vivid dreams. Cali was nosing on the door and whining at 6:00 so I walked her out in the darkness trying not to disturb the neighbors. The near silence of the woods made every little crunch of your foot stand out. Back inside, I finally managed to put together a few uninterrupted hours of sleep. I had wanted to get an early start to try to beat the traffic going through Dallas but it was close to noon by the time we actually pulled out of camp. The state park was a nice stop and we did another hike around the far loop before hitting the road. I gave up worrying about rushing and just trusted that things will work out.

The motorcycling oldies a few sites down. Walking the cat on a leash.

The first half hour was spent tooling around little farm roads passing through cool little hamlets like Buffalo Gap and Wylie. Then it was on to I-20 grinding on towards Fort Worth. Spring has brought an explosion of wild flowers to this area of Texas. They line the highways and fill any open fields. We did a quick 44 gallon fuel stop and picked up a loaf of bread. Later, we hit a rest stop where Cali got her feet filled with Texas stickers and the soda machine ripped off my quarters.

I was tired and beat but soldiered on. It was make it to Lake Tawakoni or bust. Unfortunately, my timing was such that I hit Dallas at around 4:30 in the afternoon. I stayed in the second lane in and tried not to change lanes too much. There was some construction going on and an accident just before Dallas. It was hairy for maybe a half hour or so, maybe like hitting the 405 merge coming north out of San Diego in the afternoon. Soon we were through and it was back to two lane cruising again. A bit of traffic but manageable.

About 20 miles later, it was onto the farm to market roads and rolling through back country with very few cars and more interesting landscape. Passed through an historic old downtown in Wills Point and just a few miles later we were pulling up to the campground. The office was closed but I had called just after Fort Worth and the ranger said to just park up in any open spot and settle up with them in the morning. An officer doing rounds might put a ticket on the RV but don’t worry just bring it to the office tomorrow. There are quite a few campers staying at the lake. I found a decent little corner spot and set the brake at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Locked it up and took the hound for a foray around the shoreline. We FaceTimed PJ and showed her around the beach park area. Not too many people out. A few fishermen were working the grassy point out past the swim beach and a few trailers were in the lot waiting for their boats to return. Nice big expanses of grass and a sandy beach area with buoys guarding the swim zone. We returned to the RV and got everything plugged in, hooked up and slid out then took a few minutes to regroup. I logged expenses for the day and checked e-mail.

Cali was restless still and had her nose jammed into the door. We went for a sun down hike back along the trail that follows the lake shore going around to the north. When we reached the turn I realized why our camping area is called Spring Point. It was an actual point and the lake stretched out far to the east on the other side. The lake is huge. What I had first thought to be the major part of the lake turned out to just be a bay. It was pretty cool plus as a bonus Cali found a dead raccoon so her afternoon was complete.

We turned back and arrived back at the waterfront park area right as the sun was nearing the horizon. I gave my friend Shannon a call and caught up with how he’s doing. There were only a few fishermen left and the couple from the large class A across from me had buzzed over on their little Vespas to sit on a bench and watch the sunset. Took Cali back to the rig and served her up some vittles that she refused to eat. Got her to munch on a little cheese but she wasn’t up for much. I made a little cheese plate for myself and downloaded pictures and tried to stay awake long enough to write a post.

2 thoughts on “On to Lake Tawakoni

  1. Poor Rocky may he RIP. You are covering some ground my Love, really shows in the difference terrain. The wildflowers remind me of the one’s we saw cycling in Sweden. Very pretty spot. Perhaps today will be a rest day? ♥️


  2. Look at Cali girl in water!!!!
    How dog-gone exciting….a dead anything …..been an awesome dog day! There goes the beauty salon 😈
    You’re making great time. We love traveling with you and Cali co-pilot 🙂


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