By the Sea in Galilee

We slept like logs as the rain gently pattered on the fiberglass roof throughout the night. After an early morning tour of the chilly camp with Cali, I climbed back into the warmth of the covers and we slept until mid-morning. After a leisurely breakfast and multiple cups of hot, caffeinated beverages, we took Cali out and walked up to the main office to see about booking sites for the upcoming week. The day was sunny and beautiful with a nip of fall chilliness to it.

We returned to camp and booked some camp sites online and made some phone calls then I aired up the tires on the bikes and we took them out for a tour of the surrounding port areas. We road down the Galilee Escape Road until we reached the commercial docks in Galilee where the lobstermen and crabbers maintain their fleets. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity but we did see a few of the fishermen working on their boats and mending their traps.

PJ wanted to check out Great Island, a quaint community on a small island poking out into the inlet. There were lots of traditional New England style cottages and beach houses with their own docks and access to the bay. The locals were friendly, pausing to give us a cheerful hello as we pedaled by. Life out in the south county moves at a slower, easier pace.

The ferry landing was a short ride further to the south so we rode on past stopping to read some placards on the history of the area. Being so late in the season, there were very few people out and the little tourist center was but a ghost town. We finished up our loop by riding by Sand Hill Cove and stopping to have a look at the beach there. Two cars in the parking lot and us two on our bikes. A far cry from the full lot and circus of beach goers last time we visited in August. The pavilion was shut down and the lonely gulls seemed to mourn the passing of summer with their plaintive calls. From there it was an easy spin back to Fisherman’s Memorial where Cali was glad to come out and go for a walk.

We lounged around camp making some phone calls and doing business online. Our property manager called and it looks like she has a good prospect for new tenants for our house in California. It’ll be good to have that taken care of and off the list of things to be thinking about. Carefree evening kicking back. Made a pot of soup and we put The Shack in the DVD player to wring a few tears out of PJ. Cali called for an intermission walk around the grounds halfway through then we finished up the movie and crawled under the warm blankets. Lows tonight near 40. Winter is coming 🗻

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