Serenaded by the Frogs

Still hanging at Hanna. The days have been mellow with not much going on other than the usual beach activities and meetings in town. We’ve been experiencing some afternoon thunderstorms and occasional bouts of rain but the temperatures have warmed up and things have been really pleasant. The warm weather has also been drawing out the snakes. We have seen three different types of snakes over the past few days, so definitely be on the lookout.

The wind calmed enough for a couple of paddling days and when the sea is a little rough we resort to getting slammed on the belly boards. The weekends bring large crowds but luckily come Monday, everything goes back to being mellow.

For the first few days we had a less than optimal site in the back corner. The map showed it backing up to a patch of green space but it didn’t and was a little too close to the neighbors. Fortunately, a great spot opened up with no immediate neighbors that looks straight out into the woods along the boisterous frog filled creek with plenty of trees and palmettos behind blocking out the nearest neighbors. We are set up and happy to hang in the shade and watch the nature moving all around us.

What else are we up to? I don’t know, Planet Fitness, the occasional grocery run, bike rides, reading and quiet time in the shade. Pretty routine stuff. We have a cool little bird with a nest in a hole in a stumpy tree in our front yard that goes back and forth fetching grubs and dropping them off for the babies. She can entertain us for our breakfast time under the awning in the mornings. Our shark tooth collection has topped over 60 little fossilized specimens and every day we run across a few more. We get along better than ever and have fallen into a relaxed state of being not feeling any pressure or stress. PJ is heading back to visit her mom again and tend to some tasks in Rhode Island. Looks like me and Cali are batchin’ it for a spell. More hot dogs and beans on the menu.