Holiday Out

The three of us had a rough sleep last night so no one was particularly lively to start the day. After Cali’s 4:30 and 6:30 tours of the park, I tried to catch some extra ZZZs and slept in until close to nine. We sat out under the trees eating oatmeal and berries before getting in a meditation to prepare for the drive. We took our time packing up and hung around the park right up until our one o’clock check out time. It took us three hours to make our way down the coast to Jensen Beach where we got ourselves set up at Holiday Out. It’s a gated beachfront community with about half prefab houses and half regular stick & brick homes with a smattering of open lots with RV hook ups.

We got parked up in a nondescript concrete pad between two houses. The site is nothing to write home about but the location is pretty nice. A few doors down is the Indian River where the better situated homes have waterfront patios. There is a marina directly across from us with a boat ramp where I can launch the SUP. Across the A1A is a private beach that we pass through a tunnel under the highway to get to that has warm blue water and the coarse sand usually associated with tropical beaches. The vegetation and animals are definitely changing, getting more jungle like and exotic. We swam for a while then got out and walked up the beach where a large Portuguese man o’ war had washed up. Sorry, no beach photos we forgot the camera.

At the beach, there is a recreation complex with a pool, bocce courts and other old people sports activities. We rinsed off in the pool and played around tossing some bocce balls. There was one there person there so we had the place to ourselves. It wasn’t bad. We’ll definitely be back to swim some laps before we go. We returned to the rig and cooked up some omelets and rested up from our travel day.

“Man, I’m just trying to catch some rays and these paparazzi keep hassling me”.