Last Full Day at Hanna Park

Just a few random thoughts and tidbits from our last days at Hanna Park. Tomorrow we move on to Blue Springs State Park a few hours south of here on our way to Key West. The past couple of days have had incredible beach weather and that’s where you can usually find us. Today, being our final full day here had us body boarding and beach combing for most of the afternoon. Collected our final Hanna Park shark teeth as the tide dropped late in the day. It’s been an awesome run and we’ll always appreciate the beauty of hanging out at Hanna.

Today’s Treasures

PJ found a mulberry tree like the one in our backyard at home

Couldn’t resist sampling a few of the ripe, tasty little berries

After the storm earlier in the week, there was a big beaching of cannonball jellyfish all along the coast. Thousands of the gelatinous creatures lined the shore where they gave up their last gasps. A small crustacean lives under the jellyfishes’ umbrella benefitting from cleaning up leftover food bits, but they weren’t benefitting from their hosts beaching themselves on the dry sand. The long nosed spider crabs were beached as well and were easy prey for the throngs of gulls that were snapping them up.

Enjoying a tasty crab

“Crap, now what do I do” said the crab

Another little project I did to keep the board safe when we are off galavanting around was crimping a little loop of cable around the leash plug so I can lock the board to another cable wrapped around a tree or whatever. I finished it off with a little heat shrink coating to softened it up. It will keep an honest guy honest and in conjunction with the locking cable straps I bought they’ll at least slow down a determined thief.

Other than that, it’s been relaxing time on the porch with our precious pup watching the wide variety of birds and animals go by, an occasional visit to Planet Fitness, biking, walking and exploring the local beaches. PJ’s loving her birthday present, a cordless electric yard blower. If you know PJ, you’ll know what I mean. It’s pretty awesome and keeps the camp especially tidy. Most everything is packed and ready for onward adventures tomorrow.

Some Days you just get caught out in the rain. Just keep on smilin’