Camp Wightman

The tolling of the large communal bell woke me at seven. I slowly got moving and joined the few guys assembled in the meeting room for a meditation. There was no group thing so each person wandered off on their own to find a quiet place for contemplation.

After breakfast, we gathered in the lower house for another talk from Brother Tim. Awesome stuff, the irreverent Franciscan, always thought provoking. We split into our smaller groups and spread out around the grounds to share. There was a bit of time between the finish of the morning session and lunch so I hauled the SUP down to the water and went for a paddle across the lake. When I returned, my friend Joe took it out for a spin around the nearby island. At first I was a little skeptical but he impressed me, paddling like an old pro never getting his clothes wet.

The day consisted of more talks, more groups, meals and free time. Got to know some really good people and spend time building relationships with my friends from Warwick. Paddled the lake three times throughout the day leaving the board down at the beach since we are the only ones here. Beautiful woods, sunny skies, communing with God and like minded people, it doesn’t get much better. Camp Wightman put out a good spread at the buffet and the facility was rustic and laid back, perfect for us humble seekers.

After the evening session, the boys headed down to the bonfire to heat up s’mores, but I was feeling a little tired and contented. I went to RV with the intention of grabbing a coat and heading down to meet them but it never happened. I was happy to get quiet in my peaceful little space where I read a bit until sleep overcame me.

2 thoughts on “Camp Wightman

  1. Sounds like a beautiful experience. Glad to hear you met up with our KIS guys. Enjoy, enjoy! Love, Meema


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