Penobscot River

PJ was still feeling some residual funk from yesterday’s migraine so we had a lazy day just resting and recovering from the activity of preparing to hit the road. We slept in until 10:00, a rare luxury for us then we did some stretching and exercises on our mats outside under the awning. The plan was to move along today but we decided to stay an extra day and recharge. We took care of some emails and other business then rallied for an afternoon bike ride into the little nearby berg of Old Town.

There was a nice wide bike lane lining either side of the road. Unfortunately the road hasn’t seen any kind of maintenance for a number of years. We dodged the potholes, tree debris and dead varmints and hammered away the eight miles into the old city on the river. There were rolling hills to navigate and once we got through leap frogging the mail man stopping at each farmstead, we sped down the road into town.

We explored around the old downtown checking things out. It looks like they are trying to get some redevelopment going but the city has definitely seen some better days. We were hoping to find an inviting spot to maybe launch the paddle boards tomorrow but there was an odd foam and funny film on the water and the area just didn’t seem that appealing. We will wait until we get up to Cross Lake tomorrow to get our feet wet and get some exercise.

We rode hard for home getting a good workout on the several small rises we had to climb on the trip back to Cold River Campground. Our only break on the excursion was a quick stop at the Post Office to send a small packet off to California. The clerk seemed glad to have a distraction as the place was so small it was like a ghost town. I quipped that she was akin to the Maytag repairman hanging out forlornly waiting for clients.

The Maine countryside is lovely with lots of wildflowers and forests surrounding the scattered residential areas in between. Most of the small hamlets we passed through were settled in the seventeen hundreds so there are plenty of rustic buildings and historic sites to see. We made it home in the early evening and took Cali for a stroll and fed the mosquitoes. We had a quiet evening around camp and are excited about getting into our travels tomorrow.

One thought on “Penobscot River

  1. How serene! PJ, hope you’re feeling better so you can paddle today and enjoy the beautiful northeast. Love you all. Meema


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