Banging Our Heads in Bangor

I was up early giving Cali a tour of the pine forested neighborhood where Clayton’s home is located. It’s a beautiful area with lots of wooded area between neighbors. Cali enjoyed her wandering and when we returned Chris was out to say good morning and take a tour of Wilson, the wonder wagon. He gave his approval and we joined the family inside for a hearty breakfast highlighted by Norma’s mouthwatering blueberry coffee cake. They were getting dressed up for church so we tightened up the ship and we all gathered in the driveway for our farewells.

I had picked out a nondescript campground somewhere near the halfway point to Caribou and reserved a space. We had thought to slip in a paddle on the way out but decided to put our heads down and get the miles behind us. PJ had a migraine a few hours into the drive and we took a few minutes to let it settle but we had to press on. Not too happy of campers for the final stretch of the drive in. We got settled into a shady spot next to some really nice folks from Florida. Seems there are a passel of refugees from the sunshine state up here keeping cool for the summer. The opposite of snowbirds, what would you call them “sunbirds”? It’s a mellow area just north of Bangor nestled in maples and oaks.

I walked about a quarter of a mile down the road to a river access to check out the water. It was a beautiful rocky shoreline but the currents looked too strong and the prevalence of rocky shallows made it unnavigable for us paddleboarders. Some of Maine’s famous canary sized mosquitoes escorted me back to camp and we took the evening to unwind and for PJ to recover from her headache.

Cali looking to heaven

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