Happiest of Birthdays to Aunt Martha

Wow, where to begin. A day filled with activity. We started out helping Lance, (or maybe just getting in the way) figure out where his tire was leaking. It was flat to the rim when he came out this morning. Four of the world’s most scientific minds finally ascertained that that there was a pinhole near the inside of the tread. A chore for a later time.

We helped get the beach area ready for Martha’s birthday party this afternoon, putting in the tiki torches and throwing on a few tablecloths. When things were looking good, Jim, Kami, PJ and I jumped on the ATVs for a quick romp through the nearby trees. Jim led the way and we all did our best to keep up. Being Sunday, there were quite a few other off roaders ripping around the trails. We had a fun time, smiling all the way.

I did a quick paddle to rinse off the dust. Jim zoomed by on the waverunner while Lance and Rachel were motoring around in the boat. I jumped in the water and got cleaned up then joined everyone on shore. We got to meet Rick and his wife, Katie, an awesome couple and friends of Laura’s since childhood. He and Lance got to work firing up the lobster pots.

Graydon and Martha arrived and it was time to put the lobsters in to steam them up. Two pots of lobsters and one for the corn. Rick and Lance were master steamers and the big trays of bright red crustaceans were soon spread across the table and we all enjoyed a magnificent feast on the lawn overlooking the lake. Doesn’t get much better than a warm Maine afternoon and fresh local lobsters. A toast to Martha for a very happy birthday.

After lunch, it was time for watersports. The gang hit the lake on every conceivable device that would float. PJ and I paddled across the lake to have a look at a cabin inaccessible by road that had been built by hauling the materials across the ice in winter then getting there by boat in the summer. Jim and Kami zoomed by on a waverunner while Rick took Graydon out for a jaunt in the boat.


Jim threw me on a tube and pulled me around the lake testing my ability to cling on and survive. Rachel ripped it up knee boarding, Katie was hoping to catch a fish while PJ wowed us with her waterskiing skills as we all switched it up and tried new things. Brent and Catherine paddled over on their stand ups towing a unicorn and a swan. The water was warm and we all had a blast. You could hear Lance woo-hooing from every corner of the lake.

We ended the day with a giant bonfire on the beach sitting around sharing tales and relaxing into the night. A perfect day on Cross Lake.

2 thoughts on “Happiest of Birthdays to Aunt Martha

  1. Bet you both slept well!!!!
    Dad wondered how come he wasn’t invited…his birthday’s coming up 😬

    Lobsters looked perfect and glad you had soooo much fun!

    Love you both! XOXOXO R & S


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