Gray Day at PEI

The wind was still and the gulf was completely calm this morning. Any indication that there had been any kind of waves the day before had been totally erased. The sky was overcast and the day was starting off with a chill to the air. I grabbed the paddle board and put in at the sandy beach where we swam yesterday. I went against the wind going east towards the red bluffs that line the eastern shore. I paddled forty-five minutes before turning around and riding the wind back to camp. I was the only one on the water. A few early risers dotted the cliff at the viewpoint and a lone lifeguard was setting up his rescue boards at the public beach with the fancy boardwalk.

I jumped in for a cold swim when I got back then loaded the board back on the car. PJ. and Cali came walking up to greet me while I was drying off near the sign warning of beach dangers on the short bluff where the tent campers have their ocean view sites on a grassy mesa right at the edge of the rise.

Back at camp, it was a domestic day. I washed our clothes over at the laundry hut then we relaxed on the porch. After we did a little house upkeep, we drove over to Samuel’s coffee shop in a touristy compound in Cavendish with a fake Main Street lined with shops. Our Verizon international internet has totally sucked with speeds so slow it’s like having a modem in the 1990s. The laughable part is that after about 5 minutes of painfully slow internet that can’t even upload a photo, a notice comes on saying that you’ve exceeded your 0.5 gigs daily allowance of “high speed” internet. Canada take a lesson from Mexico and give us fast internet. Anyway, I’m done ranting. I only meant to say we went to the cafe for internet and also, as it turned out, one of the best chicken pesto sandwiches in the northeast.

Upon our return, PJ made some phone calls and I lit up a fire in the old truck tire rim and practiced on the guitar. the sun never quite pushed its way through the gray shroud that enveloped our day. The warmth of the fire was welcome and comforting while we watched some new arrivals struggle to get their monstrous fifth wheel trailer into a tight spot lined with trees.

In the late afternoon, we decided to go bike a couple of the loops over to the west of the campground. Gravel and grass paths took us along estuaries and through a hay field before disappearing among the trees. We’d been out over an hour and the sun was starting to dim. We weren’t sure which way was out but we soon found a signpost and pedaled hard for home.

Rain is on its way, so we broke camp early putting all of our mats and chairs away then covering up the bikes on their rack. Things are pretty much set for tomorrow. We made an egg and potato scramble with the last of our Maine new potatoes and rested inside as the rain began to fall.

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