Sunny Skies at the Cove

When we awoke, there was still a steady wind, just enough to ruffle the surface of the water. Knowing it would only increase in strength, we opted to head into the wind first which would take us into the harbor area rather than out to the group of islands we were hoping to explore to the east. The launch ramp is right outside our door so it was easy to step out and be on the sparkling sea.

We paddled hard into the wind and current for over an hour until we rounded the point and found calmer water in an inlet. There was a sandy beach so we had a refreshingly cool swim and wandered around on the forested shore. There were rustic cabins nearby so we had a peek at them as we headed back out.

The return trip was a breeze, literally. The wind had come up and we fairly coasted back to camp. The deer flies had sniffed us out as we were exploring the beach and chased all of the way back to camp. They would circle until they saw an opportunity to land for a bite. PJ was waving her arms and crying out as they would hone in our her. I don’t know if she got bit but the flies managed to dump her into the cold Atlantic three or four times. Luckily, they are lumbering and slow. I managed to swat a number of them before they could sink in their little teeth.

@$&#% Flies!

The other cool thing about being camped at the boat ramp was seeing the other kayakers coming down to launch their long sea kayaks to head off into the maze of islands that separate us from the open ocean. Long sleek colorful crafts were heading out for a day on the water. An older couple was taking another old guy out for his first time. The owners were setting him up with a kayak while we had a long conversation with the Nova Scotian couple going with him. Everyone we have met here has been really outgoing and friendly. The California plates are always a good opener for conversation. We sat under the awning taking in the scenery until the rising wind threatened to launch it like a sail. Then we moved unto the shade on the backside of the RV and continued to relax.

The rest of the day was easy. We would occasionally go for a walk around the grounds or take a little hike out to the point. A few people would come and go. A new set of tenters showed up and disappeared into the woods to set up over on the other side of the cove. Kim, the owner, paddled off to take a couple on a tour. As the day wore on, everyone slowly trickled in with the exception of the older trio.

As evening neared, Kim’s husband came driving in with the wife of the trio. She grabbed her keys from the kayak shack and they drove off. Shortly after, she drove in with two of the kayaks on her car, off loaded them then went back for the third. They were looking pretty beat. They must have gotten blown off course and couldn’t get back, landing up the coast and calling the camp to come get them. Eight hours on the water. Must have been a lot for the first time guy! They gathered themselves, took showers and limped on home.

A rental RV pulled in as the sun was setting and parked across the cove. The owner was bending their ear as they stood in the twilight swatting the swarms of mosquitoes that were making them their dinner. It was another golden sunset behind the forest on the headland. PJ scoured up a bunch of firewood and we lit up a little blaze to discourage the mosquitoes and we sat out under the stars listening to the high tide lap along the rocks. Norse Cove is a hidden jewel along the Nova Scotia coast.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Skies at the Cove

  1. So glad you guys are having fun. Wed. Karen celebrated 2 years and Ginny and I took her out to Kim and Steve’s after the meeting. We 3 have such a great connection and can talk about everything and anything. We truly are “sisters” in our AA family. Love you. Meema


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