A cold, dreary morning greeted us in Petawawa. A storm is coming and the wind arrived well before the rain. The Ottawa River was choppy, gray and thoroughly uninviting. We did some little projects around the campsite then showered up and headed into Pembroke for the noon AA meeting at the Legion Hall. A cool, diverse group of interesting characters. They passed a notepad around and people wrote down a few topics, then the pad got passed from person to person and each individual shared on the theme presented. Thanks for being there Pembroke folks.

Afterwards, it was errand day. We’ve been out in the boonies so long, a minor city was a shock to the system. We hit the drug store, Home Depot, Michael’s and a store that was kind of like Marshall’s in California. I’d never eaten at a Tim Horton’s so I gave them a go. They are on every corner in Canada, sort of a combination of a McDonald’s and a Dunkin’s. I ordered up their Beyond Burger and they thawed out a yellowish veggie burger and served it to me cold with some stale potato wedges. So much for Tim Horton’s.

We passed back through the old downtown again heading home. Old brick buildings and a closed down theater that used to be the center of the action. At the corner heading into camp there is an RV store. I picked up an anode rod for the water heater and that will be my project for the next stop on our journey. We waved to our favorite llamas in the field next door as we drove on home.

We walked Cali around and then the rain really started coming down and the lightning and rain lasted into the wee hours of the morning.