Lake Huron is Great

When we woke this morning the sun was shining and it was promising to be a perfect day weather wise. We made coffee and breakfast then sat out on the wooden deck that sits right outside our front door. Lake Lauzon was glassy and calm. We talked about some options for the day and decided to drive the few kilometers over to Lake Huron to have a paddle in our first Great Lake.

We took a nearby road to the local marina but it had washed out and was closed to traffic. Our next possibility was to drive a bit farther down to Blind River and launch from their boat ramp in that small town. Before reaching their marina, we came upon a grassy park with a sandy beach out front and launched the SUPs from there.

We headed straight out to a pair of islands about a half mile out. We didn’t want to travel too much further from shore as there was a large fog bank lurking just a short distance to the north and we were concerned about getting caught in the fog if it moved any closer. We passed between the islands and then swung to the left to check out a small bay we spotted in the distance.

From there we circled around counterclockwise along the shore passing some nice homes before reaching the outlet for the Blind River. We paddled around the jetty and were soon back at our starting point. We passed it by and continued around the bend to the marina and entered the small harbor and tooled around inside for a few minutes checking out the boats. From there it was back to the park and the waiting car.

The nearly two hours of exploring around Lake Huron made us extra hungry so we made a stop at Clarence’s famous smoked fish shack on the way back to Lake Lauzon. The specials today were smoked trout and herring. I got some of each and we hurried home and dried off.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the gravity chairs on the deck eating our fish and cheese with some crackers then relaxing in the warm sun. We napped off and on just enjoying the freedom to do nothing. When it got a touch too hot, I ran up the dock and jumped into the chilly water of the lake. A glorious evening just chillin by the shore.