Home Bodies

Today was a work day. We spent most of the day in camp, PJ doing projects around the RV while I spent hours online researching and booking spots to get us over to White Rock B.C. for PJ’s retreat mid October. Had a nice talk with my cousin Tommy in Wyoming and we are looking forward to stopping in for a visit with him and his wife, Debbie. It was overcast and a little chilly. I took Cali for a hike down a small trail at the end of camp. It didn’t go far before we came out onto the road in front of the park.

View from our window

In the afternoon, we set off to find the post office and have a look around. After mailing our cards, I got the notion that I wanted to see the locks that drop the boats down into Lake Superior. I entered it in Google Maps without paying attention to the fact that they were in the other Sault Ste. Marie in Wisconsin. The GPS took us through some back neighborhoods, some pretty, some not so pretty.

I figured out my miscalculation when the directions wanted us to turn onto the border crossing bridge into the U.S. We went past and explored around some old mills right along the border that are part of an urban renewal project for the old part of town. One large building is now a music conservatory with lessons and recitals. We poked our noses inside and listened to some students.

The larger mill is now a brewery, pizzeria and conference center. They all to seem to be in the beginning stages but as happy hour approached, carloads of hipsters were pulling up to give them some business. We drove through town a bit more then parked up at home to catch up on some rest.