Final Road Home

The last few days of our journey into Southern California we spent at a couple of small unremarkable lakes. The first overnight was at Castaic Lake near Bakersfield. The campground was a little funky, a mix of travelers and homeless folks in a small colony near the end. We had thought to spend two nights but after our nearest neighbor was up at midnight shooting at varmints in the dark with his BB gun, we rethought lingering longer than necessary.

Snow on the Grapevine

We moved on the next morning to a cool reservoir down near Winchester. Skinner Lake was a nice place to relax and get our act together before parking up along side my Dad’s house, the only drawback was the fact that it is a drinking water source so no paddle boards were allowed. It seems kind of odd that oil leaking power boats are okay to contaminate your faucet water but not my sweaty bacteria coated carcass.

Another lecture on the benefits of mindfulness on PJ’s circuit

It was quiet with lots of family activity and fishing. We bicycled the area and explored the lake shore then rode over to the interpretive center to check out the exhibits. We hung out two days before continuing on to San Marcos to spend the holidays with family. This latest coast to coast road trip has been one awesome ride.

Cali got a well needed bath

4 thoughts on “Final Road Home

  1. So glad to hear from you. I was happy to talk with PJ a few nights ago as I missed 5 days of no blogs and I got nervous. Your dad and family must be thrilled to have you back. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I’ll be celebrating 3 years on Fri. Hooray for me! Love, Meema


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