Catching Up

It is great reconnecting with family and friends. My Dad is going strong at 91. We have been enjoying catching up with him and his wife Sandy. We have been cruising over to the neighborhood walking trail in the evening to catch the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific. I’m amazed at how clearly we can see the smokestack of the power plant in Carlsbad from the hill here in San Marcos.

The first wave of cousins arrived from Denmark Monday night and we were all gathered here at dad’s to welcome them. It is my cousin Iben with her husband Christian, daughter Sophie and her boyfriend Alex. We kept them awake chatting for long enough then let them rest their jet lagged bones.

Dad and Sandy took off for central California for the traditional Thanksgiving celebration with Sandy’s family. The Danes have been getting in some shopping and we’ve been making appointments and getting ready for the holidays. Met my good friend Chris for lunch and got up to speed on the local goings on. Thanks for the C bowl at Teri Cafe! Another Danish cousin, Soren arrived Wednesday and we are all getting jazzed to do the Turkey Trot in the rain before having a Thanksgiving meal over at my sister’s house. We’ll see what the weather Gods have in store for us tomorrow.

Green Flash!

5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. You all look so wonderfully happy! It’s great to be with family and friends for the holiday, isn’t it? Enjoy your stay in SoCal and keep blogging! Love from RI, Meema


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