Malecon de Mazatlán

Feeling a little slow this morning after taking Cali for a sunrise paseo around the back road then back onto the beach by the last hotel on the south end. After a meditation, we sat out on the mat and ate a tranquil breakfast. The veggie man came to camp so I bought some cilantro and an onion. Six pesos, about 30 cents. Having gotten to my feet, I compelled my lazy self to keep moving and got my paddle gear ready and headed out to the beach.

Another circle around the bay. At the far headland that marks the harbor entrance, there appeared to be a little wave. I gave it a try but it quickly pushed inside right next to the rocks. Not today. I paddled into the little cove next to the point where there are several eateries and some teenagers camping next to the boats. I saw lots of fish and quite a few rays along the shallow shoreline.

I followed close to shore past the tourist zone and some little shore breakers were breaking n front of Tres Amigos. I caught a couple of short rides and then sat on the beach taking in the scenery. I returned to my chair under the awning and typed out a post and got that up and on WordPress then motivated myself to take the bike and ferry across the harbor to ride up the malecon.

I started at the very south end and geared down to get the steep grade to reach the beginning of the older tourist area by Olas Altas. The beach was popular with the younger set and people were sitting along the wall and hanging on the sand. On the other side of the street, a row of al fresco restaurants were doing a fair bit of business on a Friday afternoon. The radio towers on the tall summit above watched over the beachside antics.

Don’t move, I’ll get him this time!

Over a small rise, I arrived at the long beach where the fishermen park their pangas and sell their catch along the malecon. Young lovers swung their legs as they sat along the sea wall while crusty old seafarers toted their catch in buckets up to the stalls. Souvenir stands touted their gaudy mementos as the ice cream vendors rang their brittle sounding chimes drawing the attention of children who then pestered their parents for a treat.

On the straight section that continues from there as far as Valentino’s, they had the new bike lanes that they were working on when we here in 2016 up and working. Nice riding unimpeded down the boardwalk keeping one eye on the sea and the other on the colorful caravans of locals and tourists driving up and down the boulevard. I reached the end of the bike lane at Valentino’s and a kind lady took my picture at the Mazatlan sign.

I asked the tourist cop at his post there where to get the best tacos. He sent me down a few blocks into the scary traffic zone of Camaron Sábalo to Los Chiles. I did the salmon on the sidewalk thing for a while then I jumped into the mix of honking taxis, revving motos and whistling pulmonias to reach the white and red taco emporium where I munched on some tasty folded tortillas filled with spicy goodness.

Now, I had to make the ride all the way back on a full stomach. Luckily, I had the wind at my back for the pedal home. As I reached the siren of the sea statue, I stopped to negotiate a price on a new ball cap. I’ve been checking some out in the market downtown, but never pulled the trigger. I picked one I liked and we agreed on P100 and I rode off a little more stylish than when I rode in. When I reached Olas Altas, I punched in the ferry terminal on google maps which took me along some side streets and saved me from climbing the steep hill after loading up on tacos.

Don’t think I’d be too comfortable living in these houses

The cave of the devil. Many go in, none come out

A quick ferry across and a short bike home then Cali and I went out to the beach. There were some fun little beach breaks where one could ride a couple of yards before getting unceremoniously dumped on the shallow sands at the shore. I had a blast on my little yellow kickboard. A crew of young locals were giving it their best shot at the next peak over. A cool way to end the day. I went back to Wilson and started packing up a few things ahead of tomorrow’s departure.

5 thoughts on “Malecon de Mazatlán

  1. LOL!! First picture is so great!! Thanks for the belly laugh. What a fun day! Good for you sporting a new cap from a place with such positive vibes👏👏❤️Safe travels My Love💋


    1. LOL 😆 your first pic is so great! What a fun day! Good for u celebrating the good vibes of your stay with a cap!! Safe travels My Love. 💋❤️


  2. In my mind I’m thinking of the Pacific Northwest pics and what I’m seeing now, and I’m blown away. What a comparison! Have a safe drive tomorrow. Love to you and Cali. Meema


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