Back in Bucerias

Today is the day that I finally make the move. With Bucerias being less than an hour up the road, I was able to sit and write after eating breakfast on the patio. I packed up and cleaned up the area before saying goodbye to all of the cool people I have come to know in such a short visit. Thanks to everyone for making Lo de Marcos such a nice stop. I squeezed out of my tight space and managed to get up the driveway with just the merest bit of scraping bottom at the apex.

It was a pleasant drive through the lush jungle rolling down the 200 passing through the small villages that line the highway. The vegetation is the highlight with broad leafed jungle trees and creeping tropical vines growing on everything. The usual array of colorful fruit stands, taco stops and shrines to various saints including Santa Muerte, the patron saint of criminals.

A new major highway is being cut through the forest, I think making a direct route from Guadalajara to Vallarta. Lots of slowing going through the construction zones and every little berg with its assortment of topes to bring traffic to a crawl. Before too long, I was weaving through the traffic of Bucerias, remembering to get into the lateral lane in time to make my left hand turn from the far right side of the highway.

I wound around the back neighborhoods behind Los Arroyos Verdes to avoid all of the low trees out front. There are still a few trees with long trailing branches that I had to scrape under but nothing too harrowing. Alfredo met me at the gate and I slid in. Unlike years past, the RV area has three big rigs taking up the entire five sites in back. Alfredo parked me up on the path in front of Casa Cereza where we stayed back in 2017. I got set up then said hello to Lupe. My bro, Eduardo, is no longer here. He and Paty have both moved on to other enterprises.

I hit the restaurant for a couple of shrimp tacos and sat there taking advantage of having actual functioning internet. What a treat. People were swimming in the big pool while others just lolled around in hammocks and chaise lounges. I went to the RV and tried to figure out why my jack stands keep beeping and waited for 5:00 to catch the shuttle into town.

Julio drove three of us into Bucerias, dropping the couple downtown before taking me over to the new La Comer giant superstore just south of town. I loaded up on groceries and sundries that were lacking in the small town markets. I grabbed a cab home then relaxed watching Mexican news and eating some artisan breads with Serrano ham and Oaxaca’s cheese. Things cooled off and quieted down so I could finally get to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Back in Bucerias

  1. I’m having a hard time with Mexican directions. Are you heading south? And what’s with the 2 guys laying prone in the dirt? Anyway, I still enjoyed your drive and love the little shrines along the way. Is that what the men were doing, praying at the shrine? My knowledge of Mexico is nil. Stay well. Love, Meema


    1. Yep, I’m still working my way south. Those guys were narcos on the show Breaking Bad crawling to the shrine of Santa Muerte. One more day in Bucerias then further south


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