Llegando a Playa La Saladita

The e-mail came through at about nine o’clock letting me know that the insurance policy had been adjusted and that I was good to go. I got the show on the road and was soon threading my way through city traffic in Lazaro Cardenas. I made one wrong turn and had to make a u-turn but otherwise sailed through without too much stress. Google maps likes to take me down odd side streets only to end up back on the main artery having to turn back on from an awkward angle or without a light. The state line was a few miles out of town and I was soon traveling through the state of Guerrero. Part of the drive was on a newer stretch of toll road and in no time, I was pulling up to La Saladita.

The road in at the end seems a little narrow, so I parked out on the wider road and tried to walk in to see about camping. It was too hot to leave Cali in the closed up camper, so I attempted to take her along. It didn’t go all that great. We didn’t make it all the way to the end to see what options were available before she refused to go further and turned for the RV. For an old dog, she can really dig in her heels. I gave up and we started back. Her little patitas got too hot after a while and I ended up carrying her part of the way. As much as I tried to explain it to her, she couldn’t understand that walking in the shade would be cooler on her feet.

There was an enramada style restaurant right on the beach to the right with ample parking, so I pulled in and talked to Caesar who said I could camp in the lot for 50 pesos a night. I figure it’s worth a shot. I walked over to the other cabins and camping areas and didn’t get much better offers. I set things up and went for a body surf. There’s some waves but the wind was really blowing and had it whipped to a froth. The restaurant is closed today, so I had the entire palapa to myself. I had a lazy afternoon sitting in the shade and catching a nice Pacific sunset.

3 thoughts on “Llegando a Playa La Saladita

  1. Glad you were able to stop for a bit. Cali is one funny Missy! The difference in the surf from where you were yesterday is like night and day. Hope you have a happy day. love, Meema


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