Las Mananitas

There were some fun lefts coming in on the reef out front. I waxed up the Walden and paddled out to the line up and found a spot that worked for me. The rides were long and reeling, easy to do maneuvers and get in some turns. A mellow crowd, mostly long boarders of all ages, a good mix. I had a good time and headed in after catching my share of waves.

I was waiting for Caesar so I could pay the rent and ask some questions about logistics and how I was set up. I mistook another guy at one of the tables chatting with his bro’s as Caesar. I went to talk to him but not knowing me, he blew me off. I wasn’t digging where I was at, so I looked around for other sites. I came across Paco’s just to the north. It’s out off of a side road but in actuality is next door to Caesar after you drive around the back road. Paco had a spot with full hook ups right on the beach. The restaurant and grounds were immaculate. It was almost twice the price, but I bit the bullet and ponied up the $3.33 per night. With the devaluation of the peso since the Coronavirus has impacted the global economy, my money is worth 25% more. Over the past week, it’s gone up from 18 pesos to the dollar to 24 giving me a nice raise in pay. I rode my bike back to Caesar’s and left the fifty pesos ($2.10) I owed for last nights camp with his wife before driving over and setting up at Paco’s.

I threw out a mat then went for a body surf to rinse off the sweat from packing up and then unpacking. The electric doesn’t have enough juice to run the A/C but it can push the fan on the ducted unit and keep things relatively cool for Cali, who is now spending about 90% of her time in bed. Between the beach and me there is a palapa to hang my hammock then the surf just beyond. I had some ceviche for lunch at the restaurant and got hooked up with internet. I laughed. The internet was more than the campsite at 100 pesos. But it is good for as long as I’m here and above all else, it actually works! I’m falling into a groove at Paco’s.

The laundry hasn’t been done since Lo de Marcos and it’s past time. I stuffed it all in a pillow case and pedaled the 4 kilometers into Los Llanos to drop it at the laundry lady. There is an ATM at Lalo’s by the big square and Meema’s got me worried that there might be a run on the banks, so I’m pulling some extra pesos to keep stashed for the coming apocalypse. Unfortunately, the cheesy ATM at Lalo’s maxes out at $3000 pesos, not a big wad to horde. I think they set it low to keep you coming back and paying their usurious ATM fees as often as possible. Luckily, with Charles Schwab, all ATM fees are reimbursed. I’ll get another pocketful of pesos tomorrow when I pick up the laundry. I grabbed a few groceries and rode on home and went for another swim. The water here is unbelievably warm, bathtub temperatures.

Around sunset, I moved my chair out onto the sand and strummed my guitar as I watched the sun go down. Christopher, my waiter at lunch time came over with his girlfriend and sat and listened. After I played, he took over and played while we watched the sun melt into the sea highlighting the surfers still out catching waves at the point. I mentioned my birthday and they invited me over to the restaurant where Christoper had made a big pot of chicken soup.

Next thing I know, I’m surrounded by the crew; his dad, his dad’s girl, the restaurant owner Mary and her mom along with a posse of young surfers, male and female. Everybody surfs in Saladita! Cristobal, Christopher’s dad, has surfed this area for almost 40 years. I was a bit quiet, but they kept up a steady banter and it was a fun and laughter filled evening. A cake appeared from somewhere and they sang happy birthday. The kids soon headed off to party at the regional fair going on in El Llano. Cristobal and I sat talking for a while longer then I took my leave to check up on Cali and get her out for a walk. Many thanks to my new compadres for a fantastic birthday.

6 thoughts on “Las Mananitas

      1. All is well – considering. Streets are empty, people working from home, shops and restaurants closed. Hospitals working hard. Hopefully all this will help avoiding too big a disaster. It’s a waiting game right now. Stay safe!

        And a big HI to you too Pam! You stay safe too!


  1. Oh My God!! What a perfect Wave for us! Dammnnnnn it!!! And look at You!!! Celebrating 🥳 your birthday 🎂 with those beautiful people!! That is so Awesome! What a great vibe your in! Totally different here… Love ❤️ & miss you more than ever. Hi 👋 to Eben & clan in Denmark! Hugs & Love to you all!


  2. Didn’t mean to scare you, Mike. We’ve been told to use ATMs as the banks are using a few people inside to help, but you must make an appointment. My millions are safe!!
    It was great to see you having a birthday party with new friends. Enjoy your new site. Love to you and Cali. Meema


  3. Wow – you had a birthday party with new friends! Good for you. Didn’t mean to scare you about the banks. It’s just that so many places are letting people go that RI banks just want you to use ATMs or call for an appointment if you need to see a real person. It’s been so different to not see my peeps, but we phone/text every day to keep in touch. I miss them so much. Enjoy your new spot. Love to you and Cali. Meema


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