Galveston, Oh Galveston

The county where Port Aransas sits decided last night to close the beaches and put a hold on allowing people to stay at RV parks. If you are already parked, you are okay. Just don’t leave or you can’t come back in. Hank, the second in command at On The Beach,was going site to site and handing out a flyer and explaining it. Doesn’t seem fair that a germ infested hotel can stay open where you have no idea who was coughing up a lung in the room the night before but you can’t stay safely isolated in your RV where only you’ve ever touched anything. But, I’m starting to rant..

I rolled out mid morning, took the ferry across to the mainland and headed to Galveston Texas. The drive took me through varying landscapes from farm fields, to bayous and heavy industrial zones. Wildflowers are starting to bloom along the roadside and the weather is pleasantly warm. We took a few breaks at picnic stops dotting the route.

Google Maps likes to direct me off on some interesting tangent bypasses. Sometimes I turn onto a crusty little road that looks like a driveway and have to decide wether to continue or not. I know there’s a main road going to my destination but what the hell, let’s have a look. I did about 30 miles on skinny farm roads and emerged somewhere near Port Lavaca, a petrochemical center close to where you turn to follow the gulf towards Surfside.

On this stretch, the road follows the ocean with colorful houses built up on tall pillars to protect them from flooding. It’s a scenic drive that continues almost the whole way until you cross the bridge onto Galveston Island. Traffic was light and the going was easy.

On Galveston, the state park was closed and so were a few of the other campgrounds on the isle. I ended up at Tiki Tom’s over on Tiki Island on the way off the island to the north. Sharon was nice enough to set me up with a spot on the bay even though she was officially off for the day. Folks here are taking the Covid thing a bit more seriously. No standing near them and no going into the office. Nice enough spot to get a night’s sleep and keep at it tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Galveston, Oh Galveston

  1. Remember Steinbeck’s Travels With Charlie? You are making him look like he just went out for a Sunday drive. Also there was Blue Highways, another good travel book that you have our distanced. Nice going Mike! Proving it’s not the destination it’s the journey


  2. So glad you have another spot to stay in on your way north. Thanks for still sending blog pictures. I’m happy to be using my Texas map as I was really messed up following you in Mexico. Love to you and Cali. Meema


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