I got in a quick shower at Tiki Toms then we hit the road up towards our friends’ home in Beaumont. Three hours of easy driving and we were soon approaching the exit leading over their house on a quiet cul de sac in a peaceful neighborhood not too far off of the 10.

Chuck was at work driving a ship up the river. Sharissa welcomed me and we sat out poolside catching up on things and talking about the latest Covid-19 information. Both our dogs have passed their sixteenth year and they gave each other a perfunctory sniff then pretty much ignored one another from there on out. Cali found comfort in an extra bed they had at the house and she napped on the deck while we chatted.

I called PJ and we got each other up to speed on our plans and experiences. Not too far away now. I took a plunge in the cool water of the swimming pool then relaxed in the warm sun drying off. The president was giving a report on the virus, so Sharissa and I watched that on TV then some follow up commentary. A friend they know is making home cooked meals and delivering them to keep himself afloat since the restaurant he works at is shuttered for the unforeseeable future. Wings, cooked up on a variety of flavors along with a pot of chicken and dumplings. Awesome cuisine.

Chuck made it home around sevenish and it was great to see him again. He is going back to his hippie roots so we had to pose for our long haired throwbacks photo. The three of us settled in for an evening of good conversation and filling in the blanks since we last saw each other. Lulu and Cali would come and go with their dainty, stiff legged little old lady steps getting lots of loving from whoever happened to be nearest. Great to see good friends and rest up in such a comfortable environment. Thanks so much for the awesome hospitality.

2 thoughts on “Beaumont

  1. Hey, hey, hey, what happened to social distancing? Your friends sound really great and I loved that Miss Cali got her own bed pool-side. Enjoy your visit in their lovely home. Love, Meema


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