Errand run

Chuck and I started off the morning with another surf over at the beach break in front of the palms at Junquillal. Still having a rough time figuring out the new board and remembering how to surf. Had a couple of okay rides and quite a few wipeouts. The sun was blazing and the water was warm and clear. A beautiful day for being in the sea.

Today was the day we were finally going to make the voyage into Santa Cruz to refill the wallet at the ATM and do a little shopping. No resort town Santa Cruz. Purely locals. We rattled down the crowded one way streets dodging bicycles, motorbikes and careening cars that have seen better days. We found a length of curb, parked the car and wandered around the city.

In the end, we emerged with yoga mats, duct tape, a tea kettle and a recharge on my SIM card for the phone. On the way out of town, we stopped in at the big supermarket and bought groceries for the week and all the fixins I’ll need to make ceviche for the super bowl tomorrow. We pulled out of Santa Cruz and turned back down the road towards Tamarindo.

The drive winds through cattle country and agricultural fields. A truck along the shoulder was selling watermelons out the back, so we pulled over and picked out a good sized melon. The vendor also had ice cold coconuts that he chopped a hole in and we sipped the fresh coco water through straws on the drive home.We made our dogleg turn at 27th of April and had a traffic free run along, the way into Paraiso.

After unloading our purchases, we rested up and took a short nap before heading over to Chuck and Sharissa’s to catch the sunset. Their friend Kata was visiting for the weekend and Mary joined us as well. We socialized with the crew until golden sun slid slowly behind the horizon. The gang headed off for dinner out and the two of us returned home for an early night.

4 thoughts on “Errand run

    1. Get yourself to feeling better. We’ll be on meetings as often as we can. See you soon. Sending healing energy your way. 💜


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