Youth vs. Experience

An easy going Sunday without a whole lot on the agenda. Had a zoom meeting with some of the California boys to start my morning. We’ve been getting together since back in April or May and it’s a great way to maintain our connection and get in a Sunday meditation. PJ cruised over to Avellanas with the ladies for the a.m. yoga class. After getting their peace and calm on, a group of them headed over to Soul Shine and gathered at a picnic table under a palapa for a tasty breakfast.

Yoga Dog

After my meeting, Chuck came by and we made a pilgrimage to the Guacamaya to enjoy a plate of gallo pinto while overlooking their manicured grounds. Can never get enough of the flavorful rice and bean staple of Costa Rican cuisine. Add it to a fried plantain and a couple of eggs and we were fueled up for the day.

Back home, I spent some time chopping up the ingredients for my ceviche and lazing around the casa. I followed that up with a swim in the pool and an afternoon nap. It doesn’t get much better.

Nap Time

As the sun was dropping in the sky, it was time for the Super Bowl. We drove over to Jarrod’s and put my ceviche on the table with lots of other potluck dishes that people had brought. We broke our own COVID rules by sitting too close with a crew of expats that were gathered to watch the game. I secured a seat in the back and watched as an aging Tom Brady dismantled the lackluster Chiefs. Actually, a lot of the credit should be allotted to the defense. We put together a betting pool, but I never even got close to having the right numbers. Jarrod suspiciously won two quarters on the grid. I was the guy drawing the numbers, so I guess it’s really all on me. We had a good time and met some interesting people, including a couple from Warwick, Rhode Island. What are the chances? Thanks for the hospitality one and all. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Drawing the winning numbers

7 thoughts on “Youth vs. Experience

  1. I made my feelings crystal clear yesterday about the GOAT. And he did say he’s coming back next year – YEAH!!! I was a good girl and stayed home alone to watch the game and my Covid test came back negative today -another YEAH!!! Keep the happy faces coming to us as we’re getting more snow tomorrow. Love you. Meema


  2. Really???!! Someone from Warwick,. Who woulda thought! You ladies are rocking the yoga. Be good and safe. Love, Tutu


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