Taking the Day Off

Today was a down day after moving around so much the past few days. We lounged inside and visited with a bunch of friends in Rhode Island on Zoom. Midday we went swimming in the pool and enjoyed chilling with our new friends Mike and Patricia. The pool was the perfect temperature for cooling off and we’d jump in whenever we started heating up.

I was down to my last pair of clean chones, so Patricia set us up with the washing machine and PJ did a couple of loads while I got a guitar lesson from Mike. We played a few tunes and he gave me some scales and techniques to work on. My right thumb was betraying me by having no grip strength left after two days of riding quads so I improvised a little on the strumming. I really appreciate the tips and instruction.

We withdrew to the air conditioned room to fold our clothes and kick back. In the late afternoon, we drove over to Guiones but the parking was crazy. We switched gears and did a quick run to the store and then gassed up for Monday’s departure before returning home for a low key dinner and quiet night in.