Sloths are my Role Model

An easy day hanging around the cabina in Dominical. The car never left the stall and we had a lot of down time sitting on the balcony figuring out our next moves and dealing with changing airline tickets on the phone. I took an early morning walk down the beach road. There is a street fair set up along the beach every day here. I saw a man picking up trash along the road on my walk and when I was coming back from the river, I saw that he had a table set up selling pulseras. I bought one of the colorful woven bracelets and tied it around my ankle. Henry was cool and we chatted awhile before he got busy getting his goods all lined up on the table.

Lifeguards staying fit

“Hay PJ, your a husband is a going a heepie style”

As we were doing business on the web later, the humidity was slowly creeping up. A quick jump into the ocean was definitely needed. We body boarded for a while then, same as yesterday, I swapped the pool board for the surfboard and caught some nice slow waves out in front of the lifeguard stand.

The afternoon had us resting and seeking shade. We put on the AC for a short time and lounged inside. Dinner was calling so we hoofed it into town passing the vendors putting away their wares. Mama Toucans has the only working ATM in town, so that was our first stop. Many of the restaurants are closed on Mondays so we finally ended up at a rugged little joint on the river. PJ watched a cartoon in Spanish while waiting for our meal. From there it was a quick market stop for water and bananas then we retreated to Tropical Sands for the night.

Parakeets hanging overhead